This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chase Ultimate Rewards for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Stretch your holiday budget with Chase Ultimate Rewards

Stretching the holiday shopping budget is the name of the game during the merry month of December! We all want to give amazing gifts to our loved ones, but our bank accounts can only take so much before they cry “mercy!”

I’m always looking for clever ways to make the most of my budget, especially now that Jacob is getting older. The older boys get, the more expensive their toys get! Anyone else notice that? I do the usual budget-stretchers- shop sales and compare prices. Now that I have a smart phone, I look up prices when I’m out and about to make sure I’m getting the best deal. I probably have like 10 different shopping apps!

 Stretch Your Budget With Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Ink from Chase cardholders have a fantastic clever way to really stretch their holiday budget: Chase Ultimate Rewards.That’s right, not just any rewards, Ultimate! What makes it so special? Well, for one thing, Ultimate Rewards is personalized to fit your needs. You can redeem rewards for travel, gift cards, merchandise and even cash back! The newly redesigned site also tailors content based on reward offerings that you “liked.” This is a great feature because you see the experiences and offers that matter most to you! Plus, Chase is offering extra incentives to cardholders during the holidays to sweeten Ultimate Rewards even more. Use your rewards to stretch your budget and pick up gifts for your family or to treat yourself to something special. Me? I’d treat myself. Hey, I rarely ever get myself new things! I don’t have a very long wish list (well, aside from books I mean), but there are a few things I’ve been secretly wishing Santa would bring me. Want to know what’s on my Ultimate wish list?

  • A flat screen TV! I don’t have one. Not to sound like a whiner, but everyone else has one. I feel left out. I don’t need a big one, just maybe a nice, 36-incher. Do they come in that size?
  • A zoom lens for my Canon Rebel, so I can take pictures of all the animals that walk through my woods.
  • A Kuerig 2.0
  • An iPad!

Oooh, and a car that doesn’t have 10,000 things wrong with it!  I told you it was an “Ultimate” list! Honestly, though, I’m always happy just to get new pajamas. I don’t need much to make me smile. Earning Ultimate Rewards would definitely put a smile on my face! What would you use your Ultimate Rewards for? Tell me in the comments!  

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