I received a complimentary Breakfast in Bed set from Pacific Merchants in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Breakfast in Bed Set from Pacific Merchants: Heirloom Quality at Reasonable Prices

I’ve been searching high and low for a gorgeous wood serving set that doesn’t cost a fortune. Honestly, I would have just settled for a pretty tray! I wanted it to use for our upcoming holiday party, but also for photo backgrounds. Most of the sets and trays I saw cost what I consider an insane amount. The sad part? They weren’t even that great. I’m talking tiny, cheapo serving trays made of questionable wood (probably particle board, or at least poorly sourced wood) in mass-market retailers at which you would expect to find a decent bargain.

Then I got an email from Pacific Merchants asking if I wanted to review one of their beautiful wood items. They also mentioned fermenting crocks, which I read to fast and thought said “fermenting clocks.” When I checked out their site, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they offer incredibly stunning wood serving sets, but their prices were insanely reasonable!

Breakfast in Bed Set from Pacific Merchants: Heirloom Quality at Reasonable Prices

Gorgeous Wood Serving Sets at REASONABLE Prices from Pacific Merchants

I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted to review, so I gave them a list and said “any of these would be great.” They sent me their beautiful Breakfast in Bed set. It comes with  hand-carved acacia wood tray, a matching 7″ square plate, a calabash bowl and a Kilner jar. You can also choose your favorite parchment Deco leaves to add an extra-special touch. Each piece in this set is absolutely stunning. The hand-carved acacia wood tray is full of delightful personality, right down to the curved handles.

Gorgeous Wood Serving Sets at REASONABLE Prices from Pacific Merchants

A little off topic, but does that picture look crooked? I think it’s the grain of my tile that the tray is resting on. Interesting optical illusion! Either that, or my site has gone nuts. Who knows. Anyway, back to this beautiful Breakfast in Bed set.  The calabash bowl (below) is just the right size for a cup of yogurt or a side of fruit. I think it will also be just right for the gourmet olive oil dip that we have for our bread at the family holiday party.

Gorgeous Wood Serving Sets at REASONABLE Prices from Pacific Merchants

The story behind Pacific Merchants is as inspiring as their heirloom-quality pieces. Back in 1992 when everyone else was starting garage bands, founder Bruce (I didn’t see a last name, so he must be just Bruce, like just Mad0nna) was starting a company! He wanted to give the world “superior tableware” at “excellent prices.” As the company grew, so did the origins of Pacific Merchants items. Now, they scour the globe looking for beautiful products to bring to your table.

The entire Breakfast in Bed set is just $56.95. You can also buy the pieces individually. Ready to start shopping at Pacific Merchants?  Make sure you write down this coupon code to save 20% off your order! PrettyOpinionated20 That brings the total cost of the set down to just over $45! Or you can grab yourself a fermenting clock…I mean crock. In case you’re wondering what they are, I looked. They’re special crocks for fermenting fruits and veggies to make things like sauerkraut, Korean kimchi and what not. They’re actually pretty cool!

After my big holiday party, I’ll have some updated pictures with the beautiful pieces in use. Honestly, I didn’t make any food worthy of serving on my gorgeous trays with all the craziness of the holiday season. I just didn’t think microwave dinners deserved a place on Acacia wood. Although, in retrospect, it definitely would have classed up my meal!

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What do you love about the Breakfast in Bed set? What would you serve on it? 



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