This review is SO overdue, and I apologize for that. I’ve had a gorgeous picture of my niece on my wall for well over a month now from Canvas Factory. That’s the problem. My mom was so excited to see her smiling face, she hung Abbie’s picture up right away and moved it out of my “to be reviewed” section. Yes, I need a better system. It’s a goal for the new year.

Looking for unique photo gift ideas? Canvas Factory lets you take your favorite picture and turn it into a gallery-quality piece of artwork!

Now that I’ve assuaged my guilt a bit (that also counts as my FTC disclosure, by the way), let me tell you a bit about Canvas Factory and how much they impressed me. I need to tell you, the actual canvas print is so much more clear and beautiful than my picture shows. It’s hard to capture the detail with the lighting in my dining room.

What is Canvas Factory and Why Will You Love Them?

Canvas Factory is an online service that takes your favorite photos and turns them into stunning canvas prints. You can take a single print or many, create one stunning image- like my beautiful niece- or craft a gorgeous collage. The process is a cinch. Just select your material (you can also use glass or wood, but I love the look of canvas), choose your style, then upload your picture! This is the picture I used:


Are you just gushing at here absolute cuteness? Now, while I love the overall composure of the picture, when I put it on the canvas, I wanted Abbie to fill more of the frame.

Create Your Canvas

Using the zoom buttons, then moving the picture around lets you create just the right canvas print. You’ll notice in the screen shot that you can also import your pictures from Facebook and Instagram. That’s handy for those who don’t have crazy-organized photo folders on their computers like I do (yet, somehow, I can still never find my car keys).

After centering your picture just so, you choose the wrap style (mirrored, gallery, etc). I went with gallery wrap, which worked well since I centered the picture to leave a bit of background on the sides. You can even add a cool effect if you want, like a color tint or inverted colors. Then just add to your cart and you’re on your way!

I don’t remember exactly how long it took for my Canvas Factory print to arrive. I know it was faster than I expected. When we unwrapped it, I was so surprised at just how beautiful it looked! The quality is spectacular, too. It looks and feels like gallery-quality canvas. Something that an artist would use to paint a masterpiece.

What if I don’t want to use my own picture?

Perhaps you’re thinking “what if I don’t want to use my own picture?” Maybe you just want to give someone a cool housewarming gift or spruce up a boring wall without showing off your pretty family. I’m not really sure why you wouldn’t want to use your own picture, but if there is a reason, Canvas Factory has you covered. They have a HUGE gallery of nifty prints, ready for ordering and hanging, from modern to retro, Aboringal to Japanese.

How much do these beautiful Canvas Factory prints cost?

If you’re budget-conscious like me, you want to know the bottom line, right? So let’s talk pricing. Actually, Canvas Factory is crazy reasonable! First, they offer free shipping. They also constantly have sales going on. Like right now, you can get an 8×10 print for $11.80. Prices go up from there but still remain very reasonable.

Are you excited? Ready to create your own gorgeous canvas photo gift? Head over to Canvas Factory now and start creating!