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I’ve kept Jacob home from school twice in the last month simply because I couldn’t safely get him to the bus stop. In one case, the bad weather started after it was too late for the school to call a delay or a closing. In the other, my driveway and road leading to the bus stop were still an ice rink even after the two-hour delay. This is life in the Poconos. One day we have 50-degree temps and the next, an ice storm. Getting my son to school safely becomes a bit of a challenge, especially when my car is not exactly designed for bad weather.

Tips for Getting Your Kids to School Safely in the Winter

Tips for Getting Your Kids to School Safely in the Winter

My driveway and road during a major snowstorm last year


Whether you drive  all the way to school or just to the bus stop, getting your kids to school safely in the winter can be a challenge if you live in colder climates. When your driveway is a hill the size of a football field and your road has more twists and turns than a mystery novel, it really doesn’t matter if the road just past that is clear. These tips for getting your kids to school safely in winter will help!

  • Know your rights and exercise them. First and foremost, understand that you have the right to keep your child home if you feel the conditions aren’t safe. It’s an excused absence in just about every district. If it’s not, well, no truancy officer is going to fault you for refusing to endanger your child’s life. If you truly feel that getting in your car and driving to the school or the bus stop has a strong chance in resulting in an accident, keep your kids home for the day.
  • Winterize your car. This should go without saying but just in case, make sure you winterize your car. This means either using all-season or winter tires, checking all your fluids, using the right windshield washer fluid and so on. I use Rain‑X De-Icer® Windshield Washer Fluid in the winter. While I may skimp and use generic washer fluid the rest of the year, I don’t mess around with ice! I also recommend upgrading your windshield wiper blades to something that can handle bad weather. See below for more on Rain-X Weatherbeaters, which are a good option!
  • Go out and start your car earlier than usual. You start your car and warm it up a few minutes before heading out in the winter. That’s good. When the weather is really horrible, though, go out a few minutes earlier. Why? Because you may discover that you need to get rid of ice on your windshield, your doors are frozen shut or any other little surprises. If you wait until the last minute, you could end up driving in dangerous conditions. I’ve driven my son to the bus stop with just a tiny section cleared off on my window. NOT good! I LOVE Rain-X De-Icer spray. I keep one bottle inside my car and one in the garage (for when I can’t get my doors open!).
  • Be alert for the dreaded black ice. Here’s a sort of funny story: I just got the wheel bearings replaced on my driver’s side. It was a cruddy day out and I was driving home. I suddenly lost control of my steering for a second. Just a second. I was convinced that my car was broke! Turns out it was black ice. That stuff comes out of nowhere and can leave you in a ditch- or worse- before you even blink. Keep both hands tight on the wheel and stay alert. This is no time for distracted driving. Actually, there is never a time for that, but when the weather stinks, you really have to pay attention!

Rain-X Weatherbeaters help you see clearly in the winter


Up until last month, I had the worst windshield wipers in the world on my car. They were squeaky, annoying and really just not doing their job. I kept forgetting to replace them though, until I needed them. Finally, I used my coupons from Rain-X to grab a set of Weatherbeaters. I really wanted to try out their new Latitudes, but apparently they’re just too popular! I couldn’t find them in my car’s size anywhere. So I went with the tried and true Weatherbeaters.

The Weatherbeaters are consumer-rated best in wet weather driving visibility, according to the Rain-X product page. Honestly, I was just so happy that I didn’t have to listen to the horrible screeching sound anymore! They’re quick and easy to install, although to be honest, I didn’t install them. I leave stuff like that up to Sal. I only know where to put the wiper fluid! That’s where my car knowledge ends.

I love that the natural rubber can hold up against cracking. That was the biggest problem I had with my old wiper blades. They just could’t take the many different weather patterns we experience here in the Poconos. I also love that Rain-X Weatherbeaters are priced reasonably. Mine cost about $10 per blade in Target.

Rain-X has a super handy blade size finder that you can check before you shop. It also loads well on a smartphone. I know because I had to double-check while I was getting my blades.

From the best wiper blades to windshield wiper fluid to extras, Rain-X knows their stuff when it comes to helping you get your kids to school safely in the winter. We’ve been using their products for as long as I can remember. They’ve never let me down!

Do you have any tips on how to get kids to school safely during the winter? What are winters like in your area?