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How to have an insanely romantic date night at home. Yes, I know the picture is not "at home" but come on, it was too good to pass up!

Whether you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day or just planning to spend a little more time connecting with your love, having an insanely romantic date night at home isn’t just a great way to save money, it’s actually quite fun! In fact, it’s way more fun than going out all night. Let me illustrate with a short (and family-friendly version) of my New Year’s Eve.

Sal and I had lofty plans. We were going to have a fabulous, thrilling, romantic holiday OUT. I hadn’t been out on NYE in AGES. Well, we did go out. In fact, we went too early. So early that, by 9, we decided that we had two options: we could either stay out and blow through a small fortune while listening to music that I couldn’t stand (remember, punk rock girl here, I don’t do dance club hits). One of us (me) would end up sick while the other one would probably be bored to tears as the designated driver. OR, we could go back to his place, watch the ball drop on television and…um, play the bagpipes all night (any How I Met Your Mother fans out there? That’s code for, well, let’s just call it getting intimate). We opted for the second option. WAY more fun than staying out all night, and we weren’t broke in the morning!

So if you think you have to go to a super expensive restaurant and stay at a posh hotel or something to have an insanely romantic date night at home, sorry, sunshine, but you’re mistaken! Read on for some tips on how to elevate a so-so romantic evening to the level of “insanely romantic” without ever filling up gas tank!

 Tips for an Insanely Romantic Date Night at Home

  • Pack up the kids & send them on their way. While there are many ways to enjoy a date night at home with the kids present (after they go to bed), this time you’re going to have to send them packing. If you really can’t send them on a sleepover, then at least enlist a friend to watch them for a good few hours. Nothing kills romance faster than “Mommy? Can I have a peanut butter and fluff sandwich please?”
  • Dress the part… Even though you’re not actually leaving the house, dress like you are. Put on your sexiest outfit and the good underwear. NOT the ones you save for lounging! Shower. Shave. Wear perfume if you would normally use it. Maybe even buy a whole new outfit for your romantic date night, if funds allow. Basically, treat it like you would a night out on the town. Think of it this way, with all the money you’re saving on dinner, you can splurge on your outfit and makeup!
  • …or don’t dress at all! Of course, you could go the complete opposite direction and make it a clothing optional night! This only works if you’re really comfortable in your own skin. If you feel self-conscious the whole night, it kind of kills the romance. If you’re not comfortable going totally au naturale, throw on a silky robe!
  • Skip to the conclusion. While sex doesn’t HAVE to be the end result of a romantic date night at home, it kind of is a natural conclusion. The thing is, if you only get one date night alone, you don’t want to waste it on routine intimacy. Sure, that’s fine on an average day, but to take this date night from so-so romance to insanely romantic, you want that “conclusion” to be mind-blowing, right? Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and bring in reinforcements. I’m talking “intimacy aids” here, folks. K-Y makes fantastic and incredibly discreet “toys” with names like Teasing Touch and Pure Bliss (which has more exciting settings than my coffee maker, holy cow!) to really elevate your intimacy.

How to Have an Insanely Romantic Date Night at Home

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