Losing my son is my biggest fear. I think its every parent’s biggest fear. Jacob is 9 and I still panic when he goes out of my line of vision in a store! The funny thing is, I was WALKING to stores alone when I was younger than he is now. What is it about “these days” that makes us so much more scared than our parents were. Could be the fact that we now know that, ccording to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 58,000 children fall victim to non-family abductions every year!


Has that statistic changed from when we were kids, or is it just more public knowledge? I couldn’t easily find child abduction stats from 1982 (when I was 7), so I can’t really answer that question. It doesn’t really matter. Knowing the stats doesn’t change the fact that our generation has somehow become even more terrified than earlier generations about losing our kids to strangers.


One mom says enough!

In the summer of 2009, Keli Wilson was separated from her three children for almost an hour.  This terrifying event prompted the creation of AlertID, a neighborhood focused safety network proven to help reduce crime while improving safety and security for children, families and entire communities across the country.  It’s the “Neighborhood Watch of the 21st Century,” and is transforming public safety across America.

Hear Keli’s story and how you can help the good guys catch the bad guys…BEFORE it’s too late!

More on AlertID:
AlertID is the fastest growing free to use neighborhood focused safety network.  AlertID’s mission is to help members live safely by providing a secure way to receive trusted public safety alerts and share information with family and neighbors. AlertID uses proven technology to help citizens and federal, state, and local authorities share information about crime, terrorism, natural disasters, missing children and severe weather that can threaten public safety.  – AlertID has delivered more than 92 million public safety alerts, including those to help locate and protect missing children (Amber Alerts), missing adults (Silver Alerts) and missing pets. National sex offender data (SOD) and alerts – more than 270 million people, or nearly 90%, of the US population are covered.  Local crime data (CAD) –more than 140 million people are covered with crime alerts.