Give Mom A Unique Gift By Supporting Her MUMZY Project

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Looking for a completely unique gift idea for moms for birthdays, Mother’s Day or just to say “hey, you rock”? What could be more unique than helping her realize her dream of inventing something new? They say necessity is the motherhood of invention, but who knows what’s necessary better than moms? MUMZY™, the first and only crowdfunding platform designed specifically for moms lets you give her the support she needs to realize her dream of being an inventor. Just in time, too, as next month happens to be National Women Inventors Month!

 Why MUMZY™ and how can you use it to give a unique gift?

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Let’s cover that first question, shall we: Why MUMZY™? As I said, it’s designed completely for moms. It’s the first crowdfunding platform of its kind! Where other crowdfunding platforms give you an avenue to raise funds, MUMZY™ gives you a community to bring an idea to fruition. The platform was founded by Catherine Merritt, a mom of two boys who knows exactly just how excellent moms are at coming up with brilliant new ideas.

When Catherine had her firstborn, she came up with an amazing idea. Sadly, she didn’t have the resources to bring it into the world. That experience did, however, give her the idea for MUMZY™! Catherine didn’t want MUMZY™ to be just another crowdfunding site, though. She wanted to make sure moms had more than just the tools to raise capital. After all, raising the funds to bring a project to life is only a small part of the process. She designed MUMZY™ to give moms additional small business support to keep the momentum going. That, coupled with a strong sense of community, helps moms fully realize their dreams of seeing their 2AM-feeding visions become reality.

How does this translate to a unique gift idea?

Now for the second part of the question: how can you use MUMZY™ to give mom (yours, mine, the mom down the street) the ultimate unique gift? First, get MUMZY™ on her radar! Introduce her to the platform and tell her about the benefits. Sign up together. You’ll have the cool status of being among the first to join this amazing new community!

Next, encourage her to share her brilliant idea! If she guffaws and says she has no good ideas, tell her she’s crazy! Every mom has an idea. It doesn’t have to be a new product. Maybe she’s great at coming up with bedtime stories. Tell her to write a children’s book. Perhaps she rocks at creating baby food recipes. Encourage her to start her own web video series! The goal is to get her to share her dream with the world. She can even choose to raise funds for her favorite charity.

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Finally, get on board with supporting her project! Be the first to donate. Help her share her project with others to raise funds. Be her cheerleader, her loudest PR person. Once she raises funds, get inspired by the MUMZY™ mission and continue to support her as her dreams comes to life. Can you think of a better or more unique gift? Plus, if she’s one of the first 100 to create a project, she could win $1,000 towards her goal!

Signing up on MUMZY™ is easy. It took me less than a minute! So check it out, explore the other projects and inspire a mom in your life to realize her dreams. Then get started on your own dream too! We all have amazing ideas. MUMZY™ lets us share them with each other and get the help we need to bring them to life. Visit to get started! If you have any feedback on how to make MUMZY™ even better, the founders are always excited to hear from you, so be sure to share it!

What idea would you love to see come to life with help from MUMZY™? 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.