Spending a whole lot of time indoors during the winter months is a bit drab. Long, cold winters can actually make you feel down because of the lack of activity, sunlight, and social interaction. It’s not just you, the parent, that feel these things but the kids, too, which is why it’s good to start planning some seasonal, outdoor activities.

Outdoor Winter Activities for the Whole Family: Six Fun Ideas

There are many benefits to playing outside already discussed on Pretty Opinionated:

  • Helps to keep kids fit and healthy
  • Gives moms & kids a chance to bond
  • Gives them a break from all the electronics

You might have a little voice worrying you about your children getting sick from being in the cold but as long as you all wear the proper attire, the outdoors in winter can be some of the most enjoyable time you can spend together.

Need a few ideas? Here’s six to get you started:

  • Ice Skating – Skating can prove to be a little intimidating for many but once you’re out there for an hour you’ll generally get the feel for it. Look around, online, and see if there are any locations which offer ice skating and skate rentals (which should only be a few bucks each). Skating is especially fun when there are events going on such as a free music concert or food festival.
  • Visit a Dog Park – It’s wonderful to see your dog run free around the dog park especially when they’re the breed that loves the snow (like Huskies). Not only do the doggies get to have fun but the kids can get out and play in the snow, too. Just make sure that if it is a little too chilly that you take care of the pup as you would the kids, so consider buying dog clothes so your dog can be warm as they’re running about.
  • Backyard BBQ & Fire Pit – The snow doesn’t have to slow down Dad’s BBQing nor does it need to force you all back inside when it gets later into the night. Brush off the grill, fire up the coals, and start heating some hearty food like steaks or chili. Set up a small fire pit in the backyard (DIY or maybe buying a prefabricated one) and you can make a night out of sitting around the warm fire, exchanging stories, and having great food.
  • Go Sledding – Sledding is the best because it doesn’t require a big investment in equipment (such as skiing or snowboarding) plus all of your kids can get into the fun! Keep track of the areas around your town with nice sized hills so when the snow does finally pile up you can make a day out of going to the place and having a blast by riding down the hills. The different types of sleds make for different fun experiences, too, so check them out and let the kids decide which ones they want to ride.
  • Look at the Decorations – Plenty of neighborhoods still have up winter holiday displays. You and the family may have already taken the time to put up the house decorations for the holidays but have you gone around and checked out the neighbors? Get the kids together, bundle them up, and take a stroll through the neighborhood (or the neighboring ones) and check out all the cool & neat displays people have put together. For added fun you can have the kids write down the things they liked about the different places and the next day (or weekend) you all can make a project out of doing the same!
  • Go “GeoPresenting” – Though this word was just made up it fits the nature of the blog and spirt of the holiday. Let’s just say that it’s going around during the winter times to find neat items around the park, forest, or other fun location and then repurposing them as presents for other family members. For example: you and the kids could go on a hike, collect leaves & cones, and come back to the house to make a wreath for someone special. Not only are you all getting out, having fun, and getting some much needed exercise/sunlight but you also get to spend some time together with a craft that becomes a present.

There are plenty more outdoor activities to be had this holiday season. Not all of them are just in your area, either, so a nice vacation may be in order (visit the parent’s maybe?). Bundle up and go have fun out there; you don’t have to spend the whole winter being stuck inside.