Verified Codes: The ONE Site You MUST Check Before Shopping!This post is brought to you by Verified Codes. All opinions are my own.

I do about 90% of my shopping online. Since I’m already spending most of my day on the computer, it’s just more convenient. Besides, my area is still sadly lacking in many of the coolest stores. Before I buy anything, I go searching for coupon codes. I don’t just like saving money, I NEED to save as much as possible. As a single mom and the sole provider for my son, every single penny matters.

Do you know how depressing it is to find an amazing coupon code, enter it in the checkout section, then find out that it’s either expired or a dud? Not only am I not getting that amazing savings, but to add insult to injury, I realize I’ve wasted valuable time searching for something that is a complete waste. Half the time, I’m so frustrated, I end up canceling my entire order. So basically, I’ve wasted a slew of time and the store is losing my business because I’m mad at someone else. Not really a good situation for anyone, right?

Verified Codes

I’ve read quite a few posts recently on Verified Codes that really piqued my interest. As a coupon shopper, I absolutely HAD to check it out. I must say, everyone was absolutely right about the incredibly value of Verified Codes! Let’s start with my favorite section first, then I’ll tell you some other amazing features.

Save a fortune with the 50%+ off page

This is the first spot you want to check when you’re shopping around for deals. The 50%+ off page is exactly what it sounds like: a whole page of 50% off coupons! Did you know that Verified Codes is the ONLY site with such a page? What can you expect to find in this spectacular section? Take a look at a few deals running as I’m writing this post:

Verified Codes 50 off

The 50%+ off page isn’t the only awesome feature of Verified Codes. You’ll also find:

  • Hot deals from all your favorite stores
  • Updated coupons to save you money at checkout
  • Printable coupons to take along with you for those times you actually shop outside your home
  • Easily search for your favorite stores to find coupons

My FAVORITE feature? It’s in the name. VERIFIED! Yep, every single coupon on the site is verified, so when you put it in that magical little coupon box at checkout, you KNOW it’s going to work. On the incredibly rare occasion that a coupon gets pulled or stops working suddenly, you can click the “thumbs down” button. This immediately notifies a moderator so they can check into it.

Verified Codes actually works WITH retailers to get the best, up-to-date coupon codes. Plus, they have a cool Google Chrome extension that actually alerts you to available coupons when you’re checking out at an online shop. The small button sits quietly up on your toolbar until its needed.

Verified Codes extension

Ready to learn more? Visit Verified Codes and check out all their amazing deals! Plus, don’t miss their hilarious video that shows what would happen if coupons existed for real-life scenarios!


What stores would you love to find coupons for? What is your favorite feature of Verified Codes? Share in the comments!