It is the time of year families must decide how to show their loved ones care and appreciation. It is the time for winter greetings. Before the season comes to an end, it is the ideal time of doing a winter mailer. Who doesn’t welcome warm greetings in snail mail form, right?

Winter Greeting Ideas For Your Loved Ones

When you’re planning to send winter greetings, they don’t necessarily have to be for Christmas. The ideas mentioned below can be used for that holiday, but they are also perfect for the New Year, anniversary, wedding, or basically anything that’s up in winters. Here’s what you can do to make your loved ones feel special:


Gifts can vary depending on the preference of the recipient. If you’re sending a present to someone who loves technology, you can opt for a gift such as a Dyson fan and heater. This would be an ideal present for warming up their space, even if they have a large room to heat. The isolation and high heat capabilities can provide surprising warmth, even in places where draftiness is an issue. And it’s a great fan for the summer season.

If you’re planning to greet your loved ones with something more conventional, put drink and food at the top of the agenda with some useful presents that will keep their favorite thing hot while they’re out and about. Such gifts could include flasks, mugs and cups that lock the heat and keep the freshness of any food, coffee and tea. If you can afford to spend more, throw in winter essentials luxury heatable cozy winter boots that make the daily commute less challenging.

Add fun to the gifts you select with creative gift wrapping that stands out from conventional wrappings. DIY gift wrapping can be used to wrap up a present for a fun, unconventional look. For example, you can create a scarf wrap by covering up a gift with a fuzzy faux scarf and pair it with a warm greeting. All the materials used to make such gift wraps are easily available in craft stores.

Greeting cards

This is where you can also involve the kids. For making a super cute yet super simple greeting card, you will need a paper cutter, blue paper, white paper, purple paper, snowflake stamps, blue ink, a winter-appropriate salutation stamp and matching ribbon. Visit your nearest craft store to get these items.

Once all materials are at your disposal, put the blue ink on the snowflake stamp and stamp it on the white paper. Then cut the paper while leaving the design intact so there is a small square left featuring snowflakes. Stamp the winter-appropriate greeting in blue ink on another white paper, and cut that too. Cut the purple paper into a rectangle shape, and glue the paper with the snowflake to the purple piece, while mounting the winter greeting just below. Glue the purple paper on the blue, and leave room at the bottom for the ribbon. Lastly, cut the ribbon and glue it in the place. That’s it.

If you don’t have enough time to make a DIY greeting because of professional commitments, you can send a personalized virtual greeting. Sites like Hallmark ecards and many others offer an array of winter greeting options: you just need to know your loved one’s email address to wish them.