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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier? If you’re like most people, you did really fabulous during that first week of January. Maybe you even made it through the second week. Now that we’re a couple of days away from the start of the third week, though, your resolve may be starting to dissolve! Success rates of keeping resolutions start to decline dramatically after three weeks. While I can’t give you the answer to succeeding in keeping your resolution, I can give you a tasty idea to maintaining at least a small portion of one of them! Wonderful Halo Mandarins! They make eating healthier wonderfully easy!

Wonderful Halo Mandarins are Wonderfully Delicious

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I love most citrus fruits (except grapefruit, I just can’t get on board with that one). The scent of citrus, especially mandarins, makes me instantly happier. Wonderful Halo Mandarins are awesome because they not only taste delicious, they’re incredibly easy to peel. That makes them perfect for on-the-go snacking. A few suggestions for ways to enjoy your Wonderful Halo Mandarins include:

  • packing them in lunch boxes or sending them as a school snack
  • tossing one in your purse to get you through the mid-morning or afternoon slump at work
  • swapping out your sugary TV-time snack for a few Wonderful Halo mandarins (my mom’s favorite idea)
  • Use them to make frozen yogurt bites! Check out the recipe at A Million Moments.

Wonderful Halo Mandarins are seedless, so the only mess is the peel. I like to simmer that peel in a pot of water on the stove, it makes the house smell delicious! Each mandarin contains just 50 calories yet packs in 45% of your daily vitamin C needs. Perfect for cold season, don’t you think? The mandarins are grown in California from November through April. They’re all-natural, non-GMO and brought to you by the same people who make Wonderful Pistachios.

Wonderful Halos = Wonderful Social Goodness

When you buy Wonderful Halos Mandarins, you’re not just getting a delicious, wholesome snack. You’re also helping to promote social good. Wonderful Halos is dedicated to sharing the “Pure Goodness” message. Every week, they donate fresh fruit to food banks that feed hungry people in California’s Central Valley. They’ve also partnered with one of my favorite organizations, Feeding America, to help provide more than 1.3 million meals to children in need.

They don’t stop there though! Wonderful Halos also gives more than $2 million each year to educational programs in California’s Central Valley, including scholarships, school grants, arts programs and more. They truly are Wonderful!

They also have a witty sense of humor, as evidenced by this creepy yet funny commercial! I love it!!


Head over to Wonderful Halos to explore their site and learn more. They even have a FREE Halos game for smartphones and tablets! Follow on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

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