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Help Fund Safe Births Around the World with Kangu #KanguMama

Want to hear something a little scary? My son and I are alive today simply because of my geographical location. Why? At the end of my pregnancy, I developed severe preeclampsia. Without medical attention, either my kidneys would have failed or my high blood pressure would have caused a stroke. Not sure which would have killed me first. Jacob was born at 32 weeks. He wasn’t breathing when he came out via emergency c-section. Neither one of us would have survived had we lived in a nation without decent medical care.

Help Fund Safe Births Around the World with Kangu #KanguMama

Me & my preemie


If I lived in a developing nation, chances are, I’d be dead.

Fund Safe Pregnancies and Births with Kangu

The fact is, millions of women every year give birth in developing nations under less-than-ideal conditions. These women don’t have the same access to quality medical care that I had. Even under the best circumstances their pregnancies and births are trying. When things go wrong? Sadly, they go very, very wrong. Every day, 800 women- that’s nearly 300,000 a year- die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. A whopping 99% of those deaths happen in developing nation.

Here’s the part that really gets to me: most of those causes are preventable. Many of those that aren’t completely preventable are treatable. Even my severe preeclampsia was treatable with intravenous medicine and in-hospital monitoring. Unfortunately, in developing nations, access to treatment isn’t as easy as checking into a hospital and getting help. It’s just not readily available in many places. When it is, it’s expensive. That’s where Kangu comes in.

Kangu is a fabulous non-profit organization platform with one goal: to ensure that every woman in the world has a safe birth. It’s a big dream, but with your help, it’s attainable. Kangu’s crowdfunding platform allows YOU to help fund healthy pregnancies and safe births. How? It’s really quite easy!

Help Fund Safe Births Around the World with Kangu #KanguMama

  •  Step One: Meet a Mama- Check out the Mamas in need of help, read their stories and choose one that resonates with you. You can see how much of her birth has been funded and when her baby is due!
  • Step Two: Donate- Make a donation of $10 or more to help fund your chosen Mama’s safe birth.
  • Step Three- Share in her joy! When your Mama’s baby is born, you’ll receive an update from Kangu’s on-the-ground medical partners! How awesome is that?

In case you don’t already know about it, crowdfunding is a type of technology that lets people from all over come together as a community to raise money for something their passionate about. In this case, safe births, or healthcare services before, during and after delivery that help save the lives of pregnant women, new moms and newborn babies. These services are proven to reduce maternal and newborn deaths by up to 80%.

Thanks to Kangu.org, you can help contribute to safe births. In fact, anyone anywhere can search the profiles of Mamas in need and help break through the financial walls between them and access to quality healthcare before, during and after childbirth. All of the services are provided by vetted local medical partners. Since Kangu launced in Spring of 2013, they’ve funded more than 250 safe births in countries like Uganda, Nepal and India.

Visit Kangu now and meet the Mamas that need your help. Follow Kangu on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news.

$100 Kangu Donation Contest

Here’s your chance to help make a huge difference in the life of a Mama! Enter below for a chance to win one of five $100 donations that Kangu will make to a Kangu Mom on their behalf. Entering is easy, just choose one the sharing options on the form below. The contest ends on 3/2.

Kangu – One Mama at a Time

What challenges did you face in your pregnancy that could have turned out differently if you didn’t have access to medical care? Which Kangu Mama resonates most with you?