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100 Florida Orange Juice

Break time is my favorite time of the work day! Why not lunch? Well, lunch is too hurried. I have to rush to make my food, sit and eat it, then rush back to my computer to get back to work. Yes, even though I work from home, I’m on a tight schedule! During break time, I get to relax with a tasty beverage and a little “pick-me-up” snack, catch up with some news, check in on my virtual dragons and enjoy a few minutes of peace!

Since I drink a ton of coffee throughout my work day, I try to make my break time beverage something a little more on the nutrient-rich side. I’m really trying to start my year off right, even though we’re two months into it. Hey, I figure as long as I make progress before June, it counts as the “new year.” I know that like most people, I’m probably not getting the necessary amount of fruits and veggies in my diet. How do I know this? Because I rarely eat either.  In fact, my “pickiest eater on the planet” son is better at eating fruits and veggies than I am!

100% Florida Orange Juice Amazing 5

I love everything about 100% Florida Orange Juice. The taste, the delicious scent, the fact that it’s packed with nutrients that my diet desperately needs. When I was pregnant with Jacob, I must have guzzled gallons of the stuff. I always tell him that’s why he’s so smart: all the folic acid! It was actually the very first craving I had during my pregnancy.


Now, even though he is in fact the pickiest eater on the planet, he absolutely adores his orange juice. Maybe it’s because I drank so much of it when he was incubating in my belly. Or perhaps it has something to do with the “taste” part of the Amazing 5. What is the Amazing 5? Check it out:

  • Taste: This one is pretty obvious, 100% Florida Orange Juice tastes delicious enough that even Jacob will drink it regularly.
  • Vitamin C: It’s an excellent source of Vitamin C, which aids in the production of strong bones, gums and teeth. My little man needs strong bones to do tricks like these (obviously, this was taken in the summer when we weren’t buried under 50 feet of snow, ah, the warm days…):

Orange Juice trick

  • Folate: This water-soluble B-vitamin is essential to healthy red blood cells. It also aids in cell division.
  • Potassium: Ah, pottasium, my dear friend. When I was a nursing student, we spent a lot of time learning about the importance of this nutrient. Do you know how very vital it is to your functioning? It’s important to your muscles, nerve transmission, electrolyte balance and more. It’s also incredibly important to your heart.
  • No Added Sugar: 100% Florida Orange Juice contains no added sugar. It doesn’t need to. Those oranges are sweet enough already!

Adding more delicious 100% Florida Orange Juice into your day is easy! Just stop thinking as a breakfast beverage and start thinking of it as an anytime tasty treat! Drink it during break time, lunch time or any time! Add it to smoothies, to lunch boxes or even into your recipes!

How did you start your year off right? What ideas do you have to add more delicious 100% Florida Orange Juice into your day? 

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