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How do you really get what you want for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and other gift-giving holidays? You hint like you mean it! Look, we all know that guys aren’t exactly masters at picking up hints. They’re the first to admit it! We women are just a bit too subtle at time. You have to admit it. We think we’re all clever with our hints that we spend hours coming up with, but guys are designed to look at the obvious. Just think about it: when you get get a trim, does your hubby notice? Probably not. When you chop off two feet of hair, though, trust me, he notices from across the parking lot!

So how do you keep up our female ritual of hinting and still get what you want? Learn to hint in more creative ways. In honor of Helzberg Diamond’s fabulous Hint Like You Mean it Sweepstakes, I’ve come up with a few creative ways to let your guy know what you really want.

Creative Ways to Hint Like You Mean It

  • The “Catalog in the Bathroom” Trick: Look, you can’t just leave your favorite jewelry catalog sitting on the top of a pile of magazines and hope he’ll pick it up. You have to remove all other reading material, including the back of the shampoo bottle. Then leave the catalog open to your favorite page, with your favorite item circled in a bold, contrasting color. That’s not all. You must leave it on top of the toilet paper (or stuff it in the space between the holder and the wall). Subtle? Nope. That’s the point.
  • The “Subliminal Mind Games” Trick: Freudian-slip your desired item into conversation over and over. Example: “What’s for dinner, honey?” “Oh, just some diamond ring bologna!” “What did little Susie do today?” “Well, she played diamond ring around the dozen rosies a hundred times!” Get it? Don’t go too subliminal though, men are pretty awesome at withstanding our Jedi mind tricks. They learned it from the master Yoda.
  • The “Oops, You Found My List” Trick: Make a list. Title it “Things I REALLY Want for Valentine’s Day.” Make it incredibly detailed, including all the information needed to find the exact items you want. Stick it somewhere that he’s guaranteed to find it. When he asks about it, say “oh I just made that for fun!”
  • The “Entry Form Everywhere” Trick: Leave the page open on his tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer. Not just on one device, but on ALL of them. He’ll get the message that you want him to enter this awesome sweepstakes! Do not miss out on the chance to win either a $1,000 Helzberg Diamonds gift card or a 14 carat white gold STARRA diamond pendant (retail value $549.99).

Before anyone comments that it’s wrong to manipulate our guys, etc and so on, these creative hinting tips are just for fun. Well, except the first and last one, those are pretty solid tips! Seriously, though, if you want something special, the best way to get it is simply tell your partner. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. You can enter the Hint Like You Mean it Sweepstakes yourself! No need to wait for your guy to do it!

Do you have any creative hinting tips to share? Tell me in the comments!