Kids don’t typically think too fondly of clothes.  We’ve all seen that common scenario go down, right? A child opens a handful of toys with excitement and then unwraps a pair of pants and a shirt. They take a quick look, toss them to the side, and move on.  I can’t say I blame them; to a child there really isn’t anything too thrilling about a standard piece of clothing. Unless of course, you can find a way to combine clothes and toys together.

A design team at a company called HLL Design created a way for a fully functional hoodie to roll up neatly into the hood of the jacket.  With a couple extra steps and added features, the hoodies transform into a plush toy. The end result is their product called a Hoodsbee, the hoodie that becomes a friend.

Hoodsbees are marketed for both boys and girls and range in sizes from 2T to 6X. Most recently, the company rolled out their Limited Edition Hello Kitty Hoodsbee that will be available in March. To ensure that these hoodies are warm and cozy the boy Hoodsbee collection is constructed of polar fleece and the girl collection is constructed of Woobie.

I wasn’t familiar with Woobie at first, but man is it soft! I really like how it lines the interior of the jacket as well, adding extra warmth. When my daughter wore her Ribbons the Monkey Hoodsbee for the first time she curled her arms in and rubbed the sleeves on her cheeks. She also kept insisting that her friends feel how soft it was too! Another thing she really liked were the mix-match of bright colors and the silly monkey details on the face.


We tested out how easy it was to roll this adorable hoodie up into a plush toy by following the directions on the website. Sometimes these things look like a snap in photos but end up being a disaster. This definitely was not the case. I found that my daughter could even get it done without having to have the folds perfect.



Because it’s so compact after being rolled up, these would make a really good addition to an overnight bag. Once summer comes I’d even toss these in our beach bag for cool evenings.



At the end of the day the Hoodsbee construction held up really well. The details on the face of the monkey were all still very secure. I’m relieved that these can be washed without any crazy hand washing instructions. All you have to do is slip them inside out and wash on gentle cycle with cold water. I’m pretty sure I can manage that.

The Original Hoodsbee is available in 4 unique characters for boys and 4 unique characters for girls. Check out the Hoodsbee website for more information like character bios and to sign up for discounts and updates on new products. Once there you can purchase an Original Hoodsbee for $29.99 with free shipping on all orders! Like Hoodsbee on Facebook and follow on Instagram to keep up with news!