I can’t think of a better day to share quotes about hope than a Monday morning after one of the coldest weeks on record, a surprise (to me, because I forgot to watch the weather) snow storm and an all-around rough week for my family. Whether you’re recovering from a rough week, facing some bad news yourself or just need a little pick-me up, remember, after all the horrors were unleashed on the world by Pandora, hope remained. It always remains. The day we stop believing that is the day we lose ourselves forever.

5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope

5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope: We Dream to Give Ourselves Hope

I love this one because I spend a lot of time dreaming, and not just during sleep. I spend a good portion of my waking life daydreaming! Well, when I’m not working, of course. Sitting in the car as a passenger, standing in line, trying to fall asleep so I can dream for real: all opportunities to dream of ways to change my fate. What are daydreams if not little hopeful movies playing out in our heads?


5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope: Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul

Oh so true! As long as hope keep singing its beautiful wordless tune, we have a reason to believe that things will be okay!

5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope: In the darkest skies we see the brightest stars


I love this quote about hope because it reminds us that it is the darkest moments that really let us see hope in all its beauty.

5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope: You always carried the sun in your hand

This quote reminds me so much of my grandfather. He really did carry the sun in his hand. No matter what was happening, he knew how to make me feel better. I really miss him.

5 Beautiful Quotes about Hope: A little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday

Tomorrow gives us a chance to change what went wrong yesterday. There is always hope in tomorrow. As Annie said, the sun will come out, etc and so on. Tomorrow is a powerful thing, so grab on to it.

May these quotes about hope inspire you, soothe you and help get you through your dark times. I know that a few words on pretty graphics don’t change a situation. Trust me, I KNOW. Still, words have always given me SOME comfort, and when things are hard, any comfort is appreciated.

Do you have any favorite quotes about hope? Share them in the comments!