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I tell you, my dogs know when they’re getting a package in the mail before the mail lady even delivers it! Last week, they received some super tasty  (to them) complimentary treats in the mail from Only Natural Pet! The moment I walked in the door with the box, Maia looked at me and said “those are for me, aren’t they?”

Why, yes, Maia, they ARE for you…and your brother and sister, although you’re not one to share. The pups were most unhappy that I had to take pictures before they could have their treats! That’s the WORST part about being a blogger’s dog, I guess. Check out Cooper’s face when he sees the treats sitting on the table!

Treat Your Pet to Tasty Goodness with Only Natural Pet

The sun was MOST uncooperative that day! All the snow outside cast a horrible glare into my windows. Once the pictures were out of the way, it was time for the taste test! My pooches received three awesome bags of treats from Only Natural Pet: Buffalo Jerky, Buffalo Springs and Buffalo Knots.

Only Natural Pet, Only Natural Goodness

Treat Your Pet to Tasty Goodness with Only Natural Pet

Photo courtesy of Only Natural Pet, because none of my bag shots came out.


First, a little background on Only Natural Pets. As the name implies, they sell ONLY NATURAL pet items. Everything from their treats to their toys are made from the best natural ingredients and materials. In fact, they have a whole list of unacceptable ingredients that they published right on their site to let you know what they WILL NOT include in any of their products.

Tasty Buffalo Treats, Plain and Simple

Treat Your Pet to Tasty Goodness with Only Natural Pet

While it may sound like I got my dogs pretty much the same thing in different shapes, I really didn’t. Each of the tasty buffalo treats from Only Natural Pet come from a different part of the buffalo. Here’s the really fabulous thing, though: each treat contains JUST ONE INGREDIENT. Take a look:

I will admit that I do not find any of these appealing to me. My dogs, on the other hand, went totally nuts for everything, especially the knots.

Treat Your Pet to Tasty Goodness with Only Natural Pet

Dogs like guts, apparently. What I do, love, however, is that they find a way to use a the parts that are edible- to dogs at least- so the animals don’t go to waste.  I also really love that they don’t use fillers or any other junk in their treats. Only Natural Pets stands behind their name. That single ingredient in each item? It’s also a free-range, hormone-free buffalo! It doesn’t get any more natural than that.

Treat Your Pet to Tasty Goodness with Only Natural Pet

Maia says “they’re delicious, I’d like more please!” As you can see, Miss Maia is no spring chicken. Both she and Tasha are 13. They’ll be 14 this summer! Tasha loved the Buffalo Jerky because the texture was stiff enough to satisfy her chewing needs, but flexible enough to be gentle on her aging gums.

Bottom Line: My pooches LOVED every last bite of their three different buffalo treats from Only Natural Pet. I loved that they were getting quality ingredients that I could trust. Only Natural Pet offers a huge variety of other treats, toys and pet essentials. Check them out!

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