5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night Planning a romantic date night at home for Valentine’s Day? If you ask me, there’s nothing more romantic than getting cozy on the sofa and NOT spending a fortune on expensive dinners out! You know what’s not romantic, though? Fighting over which movie to watch. You want the sappy love story.  He wants adventure and excitement. Or is it the other way around? Rather than settling on something you both hate, why not go with the best of both worlds? I’m sharing a few of my favorite unexpectedly romantic movies that feature everything you both crave: action, thrills, maybe a little mystery, perhaps some magic and, of course, romance.

5 Unexpectedly  Romantic Movies for Date Nights at Home

Donnie Darko Donnie Darko5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night:If you’re thinking Donnie Darko isn’t exactly romantic, you’ve pretty much missed the entire point of the movie. Then again, more than a decade after its release, fans are actually still arguing over the exact point. It’s really all kind of beautiful when you think about it. Donnie Darko has pretty much everything from violence to bizarre talking rabbits. It’s a total head game, but undeniably romantic! warm bodies Warm Bodies5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night: It’s a zombie movie, so your guy is pretty much on board right there. I know mine is! It’s also a sweet love story too! But wait! It’s not just a love story, it’s a story about a zombie who loves a living, breathing girl. Creepy? Yes.  But still, unexpectedly romantic. Killers Killers5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night: One of my current favorite unexpectedly romantic movies! It’s not a deep piece of cinematic genius or anything, but it’s a good, fun date night movie. Plenty of action and humor, with just enough romance to keep you interested. It’s kind of like True Lies for a younger generation. Of course, you could always just watch the actual True Lies. Die Hard Die Hard5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night: My high school boyfriend would be doing the “I told you so” dance if he actually read my blog right now. I admit it, Die Hard is definitely unexpectedly romantic. What screams romance more than a man who single-handedly launches a war against terrorists to save his family? If your guy has been trying to get you to watch this for years, make this the night you finally give in. 5th element The Fifth Element 5 Unexpectedly Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day Date Night: It took me a long time to watch this movie because I wasn’t a fan of Milla Jovovich for many years. Something about her irritated me when she was a model, and it took me time to accept her as an actress. I think this was the movie that changed my mind about her. It’s one of the coolest sci-fi movies and definitely scores high on the unexpectedly romantic front! Note that I didn’t include some of the more obvious yet totally awesome romantic adventure movies on this list. I almost feel bad leaving The Princess Bride off, but it’s not exactly an unexpected romance. If you’re looking for some other suggestions, check out the greatest love stories that don’t end in death!

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