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WAHM Baby Essentials
So you’re having a brand new baby AND planning to keep working at home. It’s totally doable, I know plenty of moms who pulled it off! Me? Well, my son was three when I started really pushing my work-at-home-career. That’s when I became a single mom and had no choice. Prior to that, though, I was a college student and an occasional freelance writer, so I DO have experience trying to occupy an infant while working.

The right baby gear makes a huge difference in helping you pull off two full-time jobs (mommyhood and working from home). Check out my top 4 must-have baby essentials for work-at-home-moms.

4 Baby Essentials for WAHMs

Caddy Hook On Blue Gummies Hi

Caddy Hook-On Chair: Why? Because it’s sheer brilliance! Where was this when Jacob was a baby? You can take it just about everywhere since it folds up. It’s perfect trips to grandma’s or anywhere else that doesn’t have a high chair. That’s not what makes it perfect for work-at-home-moms, though. It clips right to the table, so you can keep junior super close while still getting work done. Why is it better than a high chair? When Jacob was a baby, he didn’t want to be at a separate table. He wanted to be with me. The Caddy Hook-On lets your baby feel like he’s sitting WITH you. Give him a snack or his favorite toys while you browse the internet researching your next project.


A multipurpose playard: When did they stop calling these playpens? Apparently someone decided that sounded too much like a cage? Anyway, a multipurpose playard, like Chicco’s Lullaby LX is a must for many reasons (hence the multipurpose). First, it’s a contained, safe little space for your baby to play alone while you hammer out your epic novel. Of course, babies don’t play alone for long, so that epic may be more along the lines of “See Spot Run.” It’s also the perfect place for naps and changing time. Keeping your baby close during playtime and nap-time means you don’t have to get up every 30 seconds to check on him.

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Really cool toys: During the newborn stage, cool toys aren’t going to do you much good. Of course, during that stage I wasn’t doing a whole lot on the work front anyway. The goal is to find toys that keep your baby in one spot. When you’re not working, grab all those cool “explore the world” toys. But when you’re trying to focus on typing a complete sentence, the last thing you want is a wild rover.  I love Chicco’s 2 In 1 Musical Band Table. Yes, it makes noise, but honestly, you need to learn to work with distractions now because kids only get louder as they grow!

A great feeding system: Whether you breastfeed and supplement with bottles or opt to go the formula route (no judgement from me, that was my personal choice), a good feeding system is vital to YOUR success too. Why? Because the right bottle and nipple means the difference between a satisfied baby and a gassy, cranky baby. Trust me, I know.

4 Baby Essentials Every Work-At-Home-Mom Needs

The NaturalFit® All You Need Starter Set from Chicco really IS the only bottle system you’ll ever need. It comes with three different types of nipples designed for different stages of your baby’s life. They are uniquely angled to promote proper neck positioning.

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Do you have experience in this area? What were your must-have baby essentials as a work-at-home-mom?