A Supportive Family of Experts Makes All the Difference for This Single Mom!

As a single mom and a work-at-home writer, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am right now without support. Raising kids is hard work. Every parent knows that. I think anyone who has ever even babysat a kid knows that! Raising a child on your own while trying to support yourself as a writer? Whole new ball game, and I’m not very good at sports.

A Supportive Family of Experts Makes All the Difference for This Single Mom!

Thank goodness I have an amazingly supportive family. They don’t just help with Jacob, either, but they completely support my career. I know too many writers who deal with questions from family like “when are you going to get a real job.” I’m so grateful I’ve never once heard that from anyone in my family.

A Supportive Family of Experts Makes All the Difference

Here’s where it gets really cool: my family isn’t just supportive, they’re all experts in one way or another! I don’t think I’m unique in that, though. When I’m done telling you how, I bet you’ll find that your family is full of experts too.

My mom is an expert in raising two kids on her own. I only have one, so I figure she’s got twice as much experience. On the business side of things, she’s my tech support expert. Pretty handy, having tech support on hand 24 hours a day right down the hall!

Me and Donna on Cruise

Me with my Aunt Donna


I have three amazing aunts, two who were still young when I was born and are more like sisters. They all have incredibly different skills sets, from medical knowledge to business sense to event planning. They’ve been a positive, supportive force in my life since birth in so many more ways than I could ever say.

My baby brother is pretty much the smartest person on the planet. While I’m kind of mad that I can’t beat him at that new trivia game app that’s all the rage, he’s my expert on all things left-brained. I would have failed college chemistry without him! Now, he’s a successful lawyer and a new dad who still finds the time to play video games with his nephew when he visits.


While my grandparents are no longer with us, their expertise in many areas live on through remembered stories and experiences. Their support and encouragement echoes through my mind any time I have doubts about my abilities to succeed. They created this family of experts by challenging us to follow our dreams.

Since I get my expert advice in those areas from people I trust deeply, I expect my other experts to be just as trustworthy. I go to a single mechanic that I trust, a single doctor. I even get my coffee from a single barista when possible! I am loyal to my experts and expect them to be loyal to me.

State Farm’s experts are real people who inspire that kind of loyalty and trust. They offer you the comfort and confidence that you need, when you need it. While I do try to research all my basic options, as a single mom, I don’t always have time to go over every single aspect of a potential decision. I need to know that my expert will do that for me. With State Farm agents, I have that assurance.

It’s quite a feeling, knowing that I’m surrounded by so many supportive experts! I bet if you really think about your family and friends, you’ll find that you have an interesting network of experts too!

Tell me, what are YOU an expert at? Everyone has something that they’ve mastered. Don’t be shy! Share in the comments!