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I have a busy, cluttered mind that makes me great at writing but horrible at functioning in everyday life. I live on Post-it® Notes and coffee. I kid you not! Coffee keeps me going and Post-it® Notes remind me to do all the important things like feed my guinea pigs…and myself.

In fact, I have this note stuck to the inside of my iPad cover. That way, when I go to feed my imaginary dragons (which, for some reason, I NEVER forget about), I also remember to feed my squealing little guinea pigs up in Jacob’s room!

Beautify Your Everyday Life with Post-it Brand World of Color collections

Speaking of Jacob, it seems like every other day I need to remember to send something back to school with him. In fact, right now he’s working on a reading log to earn a ticket to a theme park. The log must be sent back ON Monday. No earlier, no later. That’s a lot of pressure, remembering to send it back on a specific day. A situation like that calls for a very bright Post-it® Note!

Beautify Your Everyday Life with Post-it Brand World of Color collections

Everywhere you look in my house, you’ll find a Post-it® Note with some reminder. I have them above my coffee pot, on my fridge, next to my computer. I keep them in the bathroom, my bedroom, even in my car. I have small notes, medium notes, and big notes that let me make whole lists:


Don’t just organize your world, do it beautifully with the Post-it Brand World of Color collections 

The new Post-it Brand World of Color collections features a beautiful array of colors from nine different cities, including Marrakesh, Rio de Janeiro, Bora Bora, Jaipur, Cape Town, Bali, Marseille, Helsinki, and New York.

Post-it Brand makes a variety of colors, which is important to me. I need notes that stand out. I need to be able to switch up the color.

Sometimes those colors just need to gently remind me that I have things to do. Other times, like with Jacob’s reading log deadline, I need colors to really yell “look here!” Post-it Brand offers colors that do both and everything in between. Now, they even offer colors that take you around the world!

Beautify Your Everyday Life with Post-it Brand World of Color collections

Each collection showcases colors inspired by its respective city. For example, the note on my front door comes from the Rio de Janeiro collection, full of dramatic colors reminiscent of the Brazilian city. Good old New York, New York with its steely skyline reminds me to feed my guinea pigs, while Bali gives me soothing reminders to tackle my to-do list.

Of course, since it’s from Post-it Brand, you know they have some great ideas on the Post-it Brand World of Color collections section of the website! Total eye candy, that page! Check it out and explore all of the collections in detail.

We’re all living in the same crazy-busy world where we need reminders from time to time. Why not make those reminders beautiful so we’ll actually WANT to look at them? I know that bright bit of Brazil hanging on my door definitely makes me feel so much more cheery. Plus, I’m not likely to forget that reading log, now am I?

What about how? How do you use Post-it Brand to bring color into your world and organize your life? Which of the World of Color collections would you love to try out? Tell me in the comments!