UPDATE: So, it turns out that Blossom Box went out of business at some point since this post went live.  No worries, you can easily make these crafts on your own with basic supplies. The popsicle stick weaving craft that probably brought you to this page, for example, requires just two things: craft sticks and yarn.

Make an easy weaving craft out of Popsicle sticks and colorful yarn with the supplies and directions from Blossom Box Kids.

Here’s how to make it, since you can’t buy the box anymore with the instructions in it:

  • Start by making a + sign with your craft sticks and adding a little piece of tape to hold them together until you get started.
  • Make an X with the yarn around the middle where the sticks cross over.
  • Bring the yarn up and over one side of the +, the turn counter-clockwise and bring it up and over the next leg. Turn and bring it over, turn and bring it over. Over and over, until it’s done.
  • Either tuck the last bit in or tape it down. It’s up to you!

Blossom Box Kids Color Exploration

This video does a better job of explaining it than I can, I am horrible at giving directions!

I HIGHLY recommend getting yarn that is already multicolored if you want to keep this craft as easy as possible.

Recommended supplies for your weaving craft

Original Blossom Box Kids Review

I love subscription boxes almost as much as I love coffee (still looking for the perfect coffee subscription box, by the way!). Craft boxes for kids are one of my favorites. Not only do they give Jacob a creative outlet, they also let me get in touch with my own inner child. Each subscription box needs its own unique angle to work. Today, I’m sharing a new favorite: Blossom Box Kids, along with what makes them really special.

Blossom Box Kids subscription box service stands out in several ways, but the most important: it inspires open-ended creativity in kids of all ages.

Blossom Box Kids: Simple Inspired Fun

When Blossom Box Kids offered me the chance to review their brand new subscription service, a few key points really stood out to me as they described their product.

  •  The founders of Blossom Box Kids are committed to using only non-toxic and natural materials that have as little an impact on the environment as possible.
  • They encourage repurposing both household items and natural objects. For example, rather than provide you with a goopy toxic glue, they give you a simple recipe to make your own.
  • Each craft features simple directions and no final result photo. Why? Because the end result should come from your child’s imagination, not a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Every box comes with a card featuring a healthy recipe that complements the theme of the month, plus a bonus item.

Blossom Box Kids Color Exploration

The first month’s box that I received focused on Color Exploration. The first thing I noticed was the newsletter. A full color cardstock-quality 8×11 sheet filled front and back with fun color facts, cool science experiments and even suggested reading. At that point,  I haven’t even dug into the bags yet and already I have a plethora of fun ideas.


The box came with four bags, each containing the basic supplies and directions to do a cool craft or experiment. My personal favorite was the yarn weaving! I got to do this craft while Jacob worked on something else. I think it turned out pretty good, don’t you? Remember, I have the crafting talent of a turtle.

The funny thing: I was looking at it backwards when I was doing it, so I was really surprised at what I had accomplished when I flipped it around. Plus, I found it so relaxing, I’m thinking of buying more yarn and Popsicle sticks to make even more of them. I’ll have a house filled with little weaved sticks.

Blossom Box Kids Sun Catcher Supplies

The Sun Catcher activity was really fun too. Plus it came with more than enough supplies for me and Jacob to make one and still have stuff left over for another day. The card not only explains how to make it, but also gives suggestions on layering colors to see what happens. Plus it comes with a fun prism and suggested experiment for that. Check out our cool sun catcher:

Blossom Box Kids Sun Catcher Craft

We still have two more crafts to do: the salt water color experiment and the cool tie dye handkerchief. The open-ended nature of the crafts is definitely my favorite part about Blossom Box Kids. It’s such a great way to inspire creativity in kids. Plus, it makes Blossom Box Kids perfect for children of all ages (and moms too!). The instructions were all easy enough for Jacob and I to follow. At nine, he’s better with directions than I am. I think these crafts are perfect for kids ages 3 and up, although you’ll need to help younger kids.



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