You know what I love about being a blogger? The fact that I can play fun games on my iPad, then write a post about them and it totally counts as work! Take this post about fun spring & Easter games for you iPad, for example. It totally justifies all the time I spent doing virtual jigsaw puzzles, breeding dragons and browsing the app store for more ideas. Even the iPad itself was a “business” purchase! Check out these fun spring and Easter games for your iPad and Tablet! Spring is here. It’s official, the calender even says so! Mother Nature missed the memo, though, because she dumped about 5 inches of snow on us ON the first day of spring. Isn’t that nice of her? It’s warming up though, so I’m not going to complain. Even though it was the ONE day that I had plans to go out of town and needed it to NOT snow. I console myself by believing that the fates needed to make it snow for someone else.

Even though Mother Nature pulled a Mommy Dearest, it IS in fact spring. The flowers WILL bloom, the leaves will return and allergy season will begin again. Since I’m an app hoarder, I thought it would be fun to come up with a collection of games for your iPad that celebrate the return of Spring. Of course, you can’t celebrate Spring without a little Easter fun too, so watch for a couple cute Easter games as well!

Each of these games are free, but most have in-app purchases. The first three are also available on Android tablets.

Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet

Jigsaw Collection HD: I used to LOVE doing jigsaw puzzles before I had Jacob. I never really had time after he was born. Plus I was afraid he’d eat the pieces. As much as I missed doing them, they just weren’t convenient anymore. Now, I do them on my iPad with this app! I downloaded a bunch of iPad jigsaw puzzle apps, but this is my absolute favorite. Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet: Puzzles HD First, they give you a TON of free puzzle packs to start with. If you run out of those, you can either buy new packs (I watch for the sales) or pay a couple bucks to unlock the feature that allows you to create unlimited puzzles with your own pictures. If you do that, you can just go to a free photo site like Pixabay and download pictures to turn into puzzles. You can also choose different puzzle shapes and difficulty levels.

DragonVale: This hit dragon-breeding game  currently has a fun spring theme going on where you have to hunt for and collect magic eggs.  Now through April 6, collect as many eggs as possible for great rewards. You can also breed Spring dragons and create beautiful spring-themed islands. This is my favorite game on my iPad. I love my dragons! Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet DragonVale It’s completely free, but you can also spend gems if you want to advance faster. You do earn gems for completing goals, winning competitions in the Colosseum and through friends that also play.

Hidden Egg Hunt: If you love simple hidden object games, this one is really cute. It’s basically like the I Spy books, but all Easter themes, like this one: Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet Hidden Egg Hunt This game is a lot harder than I thought it would be! That’s a picture of the first level, so the eggs are a bit more obvious. Within a couple of levels, it got much harder. The challenge: you only have a minute to collect the eggs.  For that reason, I’m not sure I’d recommend this to young kids. It’s kid-friendly in its graphics, but I can imagine little ones would get frustrated easily. Still, it’s fun for me!

Egg A Sketch– Looking for a fun way to paint Easter eggs without the big mess of actually painting real eggs? This is a really cute little app! Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet Egg A Sketch You can choose the color of your egg as well as many different colors for the decorating. Then either hold the egg steady or spin it around as you paint. Obviously, you’re not going to replace your traditional egg decorating ritual with this app, since you can’t eat the eggs, but it’s fun for kids and adults. Even though I’m not a great artist, I still enjoyed decorating my virtual eggs! I believe this one is only on Apple devices. I couldn’t find a version of it in the Google Play store.

Flower Garden (Free)– I played the free version, but you can also get the pro version for $2.99 and unlock more stuff. I can’t grow a flower to save my life. I’m a horrible gardener in the real world. Virtual flowers, on the other hand, are a bit easier! I love this app because you not only get to grow pretty flowers but you can also clip them and make bouquets. Fun Spring & Easter Games for Your iPad or Tablet Flower Garden Once you have a bouquet, you can even send it to friends! It’s kind of like sending flowers from your own garden, except through email or text messages. Will it replace real flowers? I hope not! But it’s a nice way to say “hey, I’m thinking of you!”

These are just a few cute spring & Easter games for your iPad and tablet. They’re perfect for helping you celebrate Spring while you’re waiting in lines, sitting in your doctor’s office or just taking a little “me” time.

Which is your favorite spring & Easter game? Tell me in the comments!

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