I received a 3-Foot Trampoline by Little Tikes in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Towards the end of winter I’m ready for the frosty tempts to take a hike and for the longer and warmer days to return. My kids try to play outside when the sun is out, but they quickly realize that the sunshine can only do so much until they are freezing and ready to head inside. They start to get antsy being cooped up indoors without a way to release some serious energy.

The 3-Foot Trampoline by Little Tikes is one way to help children work out some of that built up energy. If you or someone you knew as a child had a Cozy Coup ride on car, or the Turtle Sandbox, then you’ve experienced a Little Tikes product. Little Tikes has been around since 1970, and now markets innovative and high quality children’s products nationwide. They develop products that are not only safe and durable, but also promote active play and imagination.


Weighing in at just 13 pounds and 36” in diameter, the 3-Foot Trampoline is just the right size to have in the corner of a room.  It’s also lightweight enough to move around if necessary. The maximum weight capacity is 55 pounds, so it is ideal for toddlers to about 6 years.  I had no problem assembling this trampoline in about 20 minutes with a couple little “helpers.” I’m sure without the extra hands it would have cut that time down even more.

Though the trampoline is small and sits low to the ground, I like that there are a couple safety features. The coils around the jumping area are completely covered.   There is a layer of padding that wraps around and attaches to the frame so it doesn’t slip off during use. The handle bar is also nice and sturdy, though my little dare devils do get the trampoline rocking forward a little bit if they get carried away. The handlebar doesn’t fold down, but I haven’t had any problems just unscrewing it to store the trampoline away.


The 3-Foot Trampoline has been one of those toys I am happy to have around. As long as I leave it out, my 3 and 5 year old will jump on and bounce themselves until they have worked up a sweat. I love that they’re working their sillies out and burning energy while having fun. They aren’t sitting around, but actually getting a little exercise! 

The Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline currently sells for $59.99. When I consider how much fun my kids have on this trampoline and seeing them completely exhausted and out of breath after bouncing around on it, I’d say that’s a good buy.  It can be purchased on the retailer’s website at www.littletikes.com, or at Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon.