Back before Jacob was born, I dabbled it the DIY jewelry making world a bit. I was actually pretty decent at it, considering my typical lack of crafting talent! Then when Jake came, I just never had a chance to pick it back up again. I love seeing what other people are creating, though. It inspires me to dig out my beads and get back into it. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give it another go, don’t you think?

6 Easy Yet Absolutely Lovely DIY Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite DIY Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas from exceptionally talented bloggers. These projects range from easy enough for novice jewelry makers & crafters to those with a more expert level of talent.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Handmade Jewelry Gifts


DIY Spring Charm Lockets from Happy Hour Projects: These are just beautiful and so unique! I had no idea you could actually MAKE a locket. While it’s probably a little out of my talent range, I think the tutorial will make it easy for anyone with a moderate level of crafting talent.


DIY Mother’s Day Pendant from OurFamilyWorld: You only need three things to make this pretty pendant craft, and one is a wire cutter. It’s super easy to make. If you’re making it for your mom, use your birthstone along with your siblings. Only child? Then just use her favorite colors!




DIY Wrap Bracelet with Faux Gemstones by Moms & Crafters: The bracelet itself is gorgeous, but her tutorial on creating those faux gemstones is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in DIY jewelry making! I want to make like a million of them! It’s actually easy enough that I could do it.


How To Make Faux Turquoise Jewelry With Polymer Clay by Practically Functional: Love the look of turquoise jewelry but don’t want to go out and buy it? Make your own with this easy tutorial! It looks just like the real thing, doesn’t it?


Lovely Ombre Earrings Tutorial from Bombshell Bling: Don’t you just love that share of purple? I don’t wear earrings because I let my holes close and I’m too much of a baby to pop them back through, but I’d definitely consider it for these!

DIY washi tape cuff bracelet gift for mother's day craft tutorial  (1)

DIY Washi Tape Cuff Bracelet from OurFamilyWorld: This is one we just published over at OurFamilyWorld (where, as you may know, I am the editor). It’s SO easy to make that you could give the supplies and simple directions to your kids and let them create it for YOU for Mother’s Day! Plus, it’s a great way to recycle (so it’s kind of like an Earth Day project too!).

Don’t you just love all these great DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas? Make something special for your mom or show your favorite idea to your kids and let them get crafting!

Which of these DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas is your favorite?