Can you believe it’s already Mother’s Day gift guide time? Seems like just yesterday I was wrapping up the last one! Today, I’m sharing a super stylish tech-protecting gift idea from The Case Studio that moms are going to love! How do I know? Because I’m a mom and I love mine! I received a customized case from The Case Studio in exchange for this honest review. As always, my opinions belong solely to me.

Want to give mom a beautiful gift that helps protect her tech in style? Check out all the fabulous customization options at The Case Studio!


Last year I finally upgraded to a smartphone. However, since I’m living on a single mom budget, I’m still using an iPhone 4. Fancier upgrades just aren’t in the budget right now. So many companies have moved away from selling cases for the iPhone 4, focusing on all the newer models only. When I first checked out The Case Studio, I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything to fit my “ancient” phone. I was so happy to see that they not only had a great selection for all the latest models, but still offered all their beautiful cases for the iPhone 4 as well! From there, the hardest part was choosing a design!

Want to give mom a beautiful gift that helps protect her tech in style? Check out all the fabulous customization options at The Case Studio!

The Case Studio Makes Stylish Tech-Protecting Mother’s Day Gifts

When you hear “The Case Studio,” are you imagining a place where you can go and create stunning cases either from scratch or from starter images? Are you thinking about a studio where you can customize until you’ve crafted the perfect case that represents your personality? I hope you are, because that’s pretty much what you’ll get.

The Case Studio gives you two options when you arrive on their front page: create your own case or customize one of theirs. I am not a graphic designer so I went with one of theirs. They offer cases for iPhones from 4 through 6 (with all the letters, like 4s, 5c, etc), iPads, iPods, Androids and more.

Choose your device, then choose the type of case. Now, I could have gone with Sleek, but let’s face it: I’m a klutz. I still needed that extra layer of protection.  I went with the Tough Case, which adds a silicone insert between your phone and the case. Once you pick your design, start customizing!

case Studio Customization

Did you ever play The Sims? Customizing the characters was always one of my two favorite parts (building houses was my second). I love being able to control every aspect of customization. In the end, I customized my phone to look almost exactly like the model graphic on the “showcase” page (see second picture, above Filigree) because I really liked the colors, but I did change a few colors slightly.

Want to give mom a beautiful gift that helps protect her tech in style? Check out all the fabulous customization options at The Case Studio!

I added my name and previewed my design to make sure it was perfect, then ordered my case. This process can take as little as a few minutes to as long as you want if you like to play around with the design. You can also add photos to the cases, making it extra special for mom.

Case Studio 4

As you can see from the above picture, the case doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, keeping it sleek and stylish. The black silicone liner blends in perfect with the front of the phone, so you don’t even know it’s there.

How do The Case Studio cases hold up?

Beautiful cases don’t mean a thing if they don’t hold up well. I’m not exactly the gentlest person with my phone. I toss it in my purse along with a bunch of other clutter. I throw it on the table, where the cat then throws it OFF the table when she’s mad at me. I let my son play with it. I’m careful for the most part, but not super gentle.

I’ve been using my case from The Case Studio for about two weeks. So far, no scratches, dents or dings in the case. It’s easy to wipe clean and remains beautiful, even after the cat threw up on it. Gross, yes, but a reality in my world. It has survived the bottom of my purse without once crying out for help. Best of all, it makes me happy every time I look at it because it’s so darn cheery.

Moms need to protect their phones more than just about anyone else on the planet. Give her one that makes her happy every time she sees it! Check out The Case Studio and start creating the perfect gift for mom! Follow Case Studio on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!

Which type of design would you go with? A completely personalized experience or a customized version of one of their designs?