We received a complimentary Madame Irma watch in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  Madame Irma Watches: A Stylish Way to Teach Kids to Tell Time

Until they’ve mastered numbers, understanding time is a really hard concept for kids to grasp. They have no idea how long an hour or even twenty minutes is, and so they ask again, and again, and again.

The co-founder of Madame Irma watches found that his children and many of his friend’s children also found it difficult relating things to time. To fix this problem, he decided to create a new child-friendly way to understand time even if they haven’t mastered numbers and counting. The Madame Irma method is simple. Twelve different colors and twelve different animals are used instead of numbers. The long minute hand points to animals and the shorter hour hand points to colors.

 Madame Irma Watches: A Stylish Way to Teach Kids to Tell Time

Madame Irma watches can be used with children as young as 3 years old. Each watch comes with a two year warranty and a battery life of 3 years. The animals on the face of the watch glow in the dark so your little ones can see them at night. They are even water resistant up to 50 meters.

 Madame Irma Watches: A Stylish Way to Teach Kids to Tell Time

My 3 year old daughter was excited to wear the Madame Irma watch right away based solely on what it looked like. The stripes on the strap are bright and colorful and she liked all the animals on the face of the watch as well. The watch is really cute, and because it’s so colorful it matches pretty much anything she wears. I didn’t expect her to understand the concept right away, so after a brief explanation we decided to just give it a try. That afternoon we headed to the park with the Madame Irma watch on her wrist.

 Madame Irma Watches: A Stylish Way to Teach Kids to Tell Time

In effort to keep it simple I told her we would have to leave when the short hand touched the purple. I reminded her to check her watch every so often, and off she went. As time drew closer for us to go home, I had her check it and see that the hand was getting closer to the purple. Sure enough, once on the purple she knew it was time to go. I do feel like this helped cut down on any potential arguing or fits that sometimes come when it’s time to leave.

The watch was still in great shape after a couple of hours of running around with my daughter. There wasn’t a single scratch on the glass and the wristband stayed securely on her wrist. It not only looked high quality but it held up really well too.  I look forward to using this watch more with my daughter.  I really hope that it will continue to help reduce stress and confusion she may have previously experienced when it comes to not being able to tell time just yet.

Madame Irma watches retail for $55.37 and are available in 5 different colors. There’s also a Madame Irma wall clock that uses the same method but on a larger scale. If you would like to read more or purchase a Madame Irma watch go to www.irmatime.com.

What do you love about the Madame Irma watches? The colors? The cute animals? Both? Tell us in the comments!