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What's keeping YOU from getting a good night's sleep? If you're like me, it could be any one (or more!) of the five common sleep problems. Find out what they are, plus watch me nervously describe my sleep habits on video! That alone is worth checking out! When was the last time you got a really great night of sleep? If you’re like me, chances are you can’t answer that question. I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t toss and turn all night or wake up feeling achy. I try to do everything right. I keep my room temperature reasonable, I minimize distractions by banishing electronics. I really try to go to bed at a decent hour, use a great pillow and wear my comfiest jammies. Still, I wake up miserable. I know I’m not alone. So what’s wrecking our sleep?

5 Common Sleep Problems That Could be Wrecking Your Rest

Did you know that there are basically 5 common sleep problems that are at the root of our problems? They are:

  • Tossing and turning
  • Back pain
  • Lack of support
  • Sleeping Hot
  • Partner Movement and Sagging/Rolling Off

I think I suffer from most, if not all, of those! I definitely have a bad back. I toss and turn all night. Support? Not with my current mattress! I also sleep hot because of my migraine medication. As for partner movement, it really depends on whether Jake decides he doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed that night.

Want to hear more about my quality of sleep? Check out my sleep diary video!

Admittedly, I was a little nervous! I mean, it’s not often I invite ALL of you into my bedroom. Okay, ANY of you, for that matter! If you were paying attention, you heard me talk a bit about how I was researching Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses and what I learned about the best type of mattress for me. Let’s talk more about that!

Did you know that Serta teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation to help us all get a better night’s sleep? The Serta Perfect Sleep is the only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation that addresses all five of the common sleep problems. Even better, the mattresses are designed with a variety of options, so you’ll find something to fit your budget. In fact, mattresses start at just $399 for a standard queen! They range up to $1,299 for standard queen-sized sets.

The 2015 advancements are pretty spectacular. You can now get the Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam in select Perfect Sleeper models for the first time. You’ll also find Custom Support® Individual Advantage coils in select models. Want a memory foam mattress? The new Perfect Sleeper Memory Foam line provides you with an option at a more affordable price.

I love reading in bed. However, I don’t love propping up 50 pillows to get comfortable. I’m excited to hear that both The Pivot and The Motion Essentials adjustable base options are compatible with Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses. The Pivot lets you adjust the head of the mattress while the Motion Essentials allows you to adjust both the head and the feet.

Perfect Sleeper Logo

I’m definitely looking forward to finding the perfect Serta Perfect Sleeper for me! I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Perfect Sleeper website. I thought I knew what mattress was best for me, but it turns out I may have been wrong. Serta has a fantastic mattress selector tool to help you discover the right mattress for your needs. Try it out, you just might be surprised at the results too! I’ll keep you updated on which one I choose!

Are any of the five common sleep problems keep you from getting a good night’s sleep? Tell me about it!

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