Personalized gifts are such great ways to show your favorite dads and grads how much they mean to you, but with so many out there to choose from, it can be hard to decide which company to go with and which product to choose. When asked me if I wanted to do a review, I found myself facing a dilemma of my own: do I go for a beautiful canvas print with pictures of my son for my wall or a soft photo blanket with pictures of our dog FOR my son? They solved my problem by giving me both for review. Woohoo! I like when things get easy!

Personalized Photo Blankets for Grads Cooper Blanket

While Jake isn’t a “grad,” he is moving up to 5th grade this year. Although his school still considers that elementary school, back in my day it was the start of middle school. makes it easy to create your own custom photo blanket. I LOVE that they let you take it way further than just adding a picture (or a bunch of pictures). You can add background colors, textures or designs and change the shape of the photo. I opted to use just one picture of Cooper to really show him off. Cooper Blanket Final

The end result looks even better than the proof, although my picture isn’t great because it was hard to get the whole thing in. While that was my favorite picture of Coop, I wasn’t thrilled with the air purifier in the background. On the blanket, it’s  faded that out, though, so you really can’t even tell what it is. The detail is amazing too. Jacob loved his larger than life version of Cooper and sleeps with it every night, even when it’s 90 degrees out! blankets make great gifts for grads because you can personalize it with pictures of your family pets and send them off to college with a little bit of home. Don’t have pets? Add photos of your favorite family memories! Just leave off the ones with your grad naked in the bathtub as a baby! The point is to remind them of happy times, not embarrass them!

Canvas Collages for Dads Canvas

For dads, the canvas prints make fabulous and stylish gifts for his office! Like the blanket, you can choose from an array of backgrounds. I went with a simple background to let the pictures take the starring role. I went with a few of my favorite photos from the last year, but you can choose a certain theme, photos from a family vacation or just one single great family shot.

The canvas prints come ready to hang on your wall with a built-in hanger on the back. They’re very sturdy and made of quality materials, so they’re going to last a very long time. does everything possible to make sure you absolutely LOVE your order. If you don’t, they’ll give you your money back. In addition to the blankets and canvas prints, they offer over 50 other different custom personalized photo collage products. Create everything from mugs to shower curtains. You can even make your own area rugs! The possibilities are absolutely endless and you have so much creative control.

Head over to and start working on your personalized gifts for dads and grads! Of course, these also make great birthday, baby shower or just because gifts too. They always have special offers, so keep an eye out when you head to their page. It usually pops up when you enter the site. Right now, you’ll see one for 60% off your order when you give them your email address.

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