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With three cats and three dogs (not to mention the guinea pigs), shopping wisely for pet products is super important to me. Otherwise my furry friends could quite literally eat me out of house and home! On top of my fuzzy kids, my boyfriend Sal is fostering an abandoned mama cat and her three super squee-worthy kittens over at his place. For your viewing pleasure, a pile of cuteness: Kittens 2 We’re pretty much swimming in cats and dogs! So as you can see,  I definitely need to get more for my pet dollars! Thankfully, at Dollar General, a Pet Haul is really that, a Haul! You can stock up on all your favorite Purina items in one stop!

Easy Shopping for Your Pets at Dollar General

Shopping at Dollar General is so easy, you can do it on your way to and from another appointment. Sal’s daughter had an orthodontist appointment out of town this week (way out of town!). While I usually head to my local Dollar General, noticed one right down the street from the doctor’s office. I said “let’s stop on the way back.” No plans, no need to park a mile from the door, no waiting in long lines. We were in, shopping and out within 20 minutes with our Pet Haul, cold drinks to cool down on an 80-degree day and new makeup for Raina.

Dollar General has all your favorite Purina products for both cats and dogs. Since Sal is caring for a mama cat in addition to his own kitty, he’s going through litter like crazy. We picked up a 23lb box of Tidy Cat 24/7 to keep his litter box clean. They also had the Purina Cat Chow brand that Sal feeds his cat, Penelope. Dollar General Purina Cat Chow I picked up a couple of my dogs’ favorite treats, including Purina Beggin’ Strips and T-Bonz! My dog Cooper was so excited that I had to open one of the bags right away. They have a new $1 bag so I grabbed two anticipating Cooper’s desire to snack before photos were taken! I grabbed some Friskies canned cat food because my cats eat that at breakfast and dinner. We go through about three cans a day, so low prices are a must for those! I also picked up Dollar General Alpo Products for my pups to go with their kibble at night. Dollar General Purina Pet Haul Of course, Dollar General doesn’t just have all your favorite Purina foods. They also have plenty of supplies for feeding, grooming and play time! Sal’s cat, Penelope, LOVES to play with anything attached to a stick. She’d have a blast with the cat toys at Dollar General! Dollar General Pet Haul Supplies   Maia, my Queen Bee Alpha, very much approved of all HER treats (yes, all the treats technically belong to Maia, she just “lets” the other dogs share them). She did want to know, however, why we weren’t serving her on her throne: Dollar General Maia   Ready to stretch you pet dollars further? Visit the Dollar General website to see all the fantastic pet products they offer- including your favorite Purina products- then head to your local store!

#DGPetDash Instagram Contest

Show off your Pet Haul for a chance to win $100 worth of free pet food or treats from Purina! Fill up 1 Dollar General shopping bag with pet items from Dollar General, then upload a photo of your haul to Instagram. The photo with the most miles will win the $100 prize in the form of 5 $20 Purina manufacturer coupons. Make sure you take your photo with #DGPetDash to qualify!

What pet products do you love buying at Dollar General? Tell me in the comments!

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