Today marks an exciting day for the personalized children’s book industry: the Crayon Crunch Kickstarter campaign launched at 11AM PST. This is HUGE news for moms who want to give their kids the most advanced printed personalized book ever. I’m talking right down to hairstyles, clothing choices and, most impressively, special needs.

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Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem With Crayon Crunch

Think of the positive impact Crayon Crunch can have on a child’s self-esteem. While many personalized children’s books (even my favorites!) let you add add plenty of text-based details, such as name, birthday, place of birth and even your pets’ names, they stop short of really letting you change the images of the main character. So your child sees his name, but doesn’t really see himself.

Crayon Crunch How it Works Hairstyles

With Crayon Crunch, your children get to watch themselves go on an adventure. For a child with disabilities, that can be a major self-esteem booster. Even for a child without disabilities, it’s a great way to get them engaged and really invested in the story.  Check out all the ways you can customize your child’s character:

Crayon Crunch features

The lead character customization engine and the image-matching algorithm behind it make Crayon Crunch the most technologically advanced personalized children’s book ever printed, if not the most advanced book period. If the customization engine doesn’t already have a special needs illustration that meets your child’s needs, the illustrators will create a custom illustration at no additional charge. That’s how much they believe in their project and in giving every child their own truly personalized story.

Crayon Crunch Illustration

Once the customization is complete, your children will embark on a gender-neutral adventure story in a stunning imaginary world. The story, called, “My Magical Adventure,” ends when your child’s lookalike character finds the key to open the magical box. As an added bonus, inside your child will find a personalized letter from you!

Crayon Crunch was founded by Tim Osterburh, Kai Schmittat and Friederike Geiken in February of this year. They’re ready to bring it to the world, but they need your help to get it there. Head over to their Kickstarter page to see how you can get this amazing personalized children’s book into the hands of kids everywhere. Check out the Crayon Crunch Facebook page or follow on Twitter to keep up with exciting news and contests.

What do you love most about Crayon Crunch? What other types of adventures would you love to see your child embark on in future stories?