Have you heard of The Book of Everyone? It’s pretty much the coolest personalized book gift for grownups ever. The company was such a huge hit in the UK. Now, they’ve crossed “the pond” and landed here in the US! That’s right, we can finally have our very own Book of Everyone! Just in time for Mother’s Day, too! I made my mom a super cool Book of Mom that I can’t wait to give her!

The Book of Mom: A Gift Every Mom Wants

The Book of Mom: Exactly What Your Mom Wants

I got to make my mom a complimentary book in exchange for an honest review.

The Book of Mom is perfect for every single mother on the planet. Why? Because it’s all about her! Plus, there’s a good chance she doesn’t have anything else like it. It sure beats the 10,000th pair of pajamas I was going to get my mom this Mother’s Day! What exactly is The Book of Mom? That’s a good question!

Okay,so do you remember when those little “the year you were born” print outs were all the rage? They were a single sheet- maybe two- that showed all the cool things that happened in a particular year. They usually came with fun and funky designs and were laminated. Cool, right? Well, The Book of Mom is that times like 50. Literally. Because there are like 50+pages in it.

Each page tells you something different about Mom. A good half the pages are related to her birthday or birth year. This is one of my personal favorites:

The Book of Mom: A Gift Every Mom Wants

Every page is like an exciting new discovery! Sometimes mom will find a cool quote. Others she’ll find out a little something exciting about herself. My mom is ¬†Libra. Not only does she have this lovely page to remind her of a Libra’s qualities, but I got to choose between two different backgrounds for it.

The Book of Mom: A Gift Every Mom Wants

See that little “You can Edit’ icon? When it appears on a page, it means you can control some element of the book. Sometimes you can change the text, other times just the background. It’s always fun, though!

I’m so tempted to show you every page, because really, I loved them all. I don’t want to get totally out of control and ruin the fun or surprises for you! Trust me, though, you’ll have a great time making this Mother’s Day gift for mom. If you don’t make it in time for Mother’s Day, it also makes a super cool birthday present too!

Book of Everyone, not just for moms!

While the Book of Mom is perfect for Mother’s Day, the company is actually called The Book of Everyone. Make a book for dads, grads, grandparents, kids…anyone and everyone. When you personalize the standard Book of Everyone, you can state your relationship to the recipient, which alters the personalization process inside the book.

I started making a book of me and learned that my birthday, July 27th, is also National Walk on Stilts Day. Funny, because I’m nowhere near graceful enough to walk on stilts! I also learned that a gallon of gas was $0.95 in my birth year. So much fun! I want to make a Book of Everyone for literally EVERYONE I know!

Head over to The Book of Everyone and start creating! The digital version is only $9.50, so you actually could afford to gift these to just about everyone. I mean, we all have some sort of e-reading device at this point, right? The softcover version is a bit pricier at $34.50 while the hardcover runs you $49.50. If you ask me, for such a unique gift, it’s worth every single penny.

I’d love to stay and tell you more, but I MUST go make more books! Oh, wait, I DO want to share one more thing with you! It’s pretty cool, too, and fits in with the Mother’s Day theme. The creators of The Book of Everyone, honny Biggins, Steve Hanson and Jason Bramley recently decided to honor moms everywhere by wearing empathy bellies to coincide with Mother’s Day! They documented their journey of pregnancy for a month. The project, called “Three Pregnant Dads,” directed by Ben Gordon, will be presented at the uber-cool Cannes Film Festival this year. Check out a clip!

NOW I’m going to make more books. Oh, the fun! Seriously, check out The Book of Everyone. You WILL have fun!