We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!
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We're all together in the sisterhood of motherhood, so let's start acting like it! It's time to stop mom shaming and start supporting each other. Everyone makes different parenting decisions, but we're all still great moms!

Sometimes motherhood feels a little too much like high school, don’t you think? It seems like there’s a “clique” for every type of parenting. Breast feeding versus formula feeding. Attachment parenting versus free-range parenting. Cloth versus diapers.  The list goes on.

It doesn’t end after the baby years, either. In the last 9 years of my son’s life, I’ve been mom-shamed for more things than I can count. I opted to formula feed for personal and medical reasons. Wow, the things people said to me! I’m still shocked! I didn’t co-sleep when he was a baby and again I was called horrible names. When I DID start co-sleeping with my terrified 3-year-old who thought monsters lived in his room, I was wrong then too. I spoil my son. I shouldn’t let him play certain video games. I should “force” him to eat more of a variety of foods. I’m too over-protective because I don’t let him walk home from the bus stop.

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood!

I could do this all day, but you don’t need to hear it. You have your own list. Pretty much every mom has been mom-shamed at some point. Apparently we’re ALL doing EVERYTHING wrong according to someone out there. It’s a miracle our species has survived, if we’re all such bad parents.

Somehow, though, our species HAS survived! A generation of parents opting not to co-sleep didn’t cause an extinction-level event! All those potty training errors our parents made with us didn’t turn us into sociopaths. Seriously, who came up with that one? As if we don’t have enough stress, now we all worry that if little Johnny doesn’t get the right pee-pee throne he’ll become the next Ted Bundy? Warped!

You know WHY we survived? Not because we all mom-shamed each other into being better parents. Not at all. We survived as a species because we ultimately come to one very important conclusion: at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

We’re All Together in the Sisterhood of Motherhood

Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome video, The Mother ‘Hood. Make sure you watch it through to the very end!

Didn’t you get chills when the baby stroller started rolling down the hill? I totally got teary-eyed at the end! I’m very emotional that way. But do you see what I’m saying? Despite all their differences, everyone came together for one very important goal.

To me, mom-shaming is a creepy practice. When others put down my parenting style and insist that their way is the only right way, I assume that they’re either suffering from narcissistic personality disorder or that they’re not confident of their own choices. I’m confident of the choices I make. When I’m not, I ask for advice. I also don’t share advice unless asked.  Plain and simple.

Rather than tearing each other down for our differences, isn’t it time we support each other for our common goal? We all want to raise our children to be the best versions of themselves possible. We want them to grow up to be happy and healthy adults. To live their dreams, find amazing jobs and true love. Make millions and buy us castles. Right? Oh come on, like you never asked your kid to sign a contract promising to buy you a castle with his first millions! My mom did it to my brother! Alas, he’s now a lawyer and managed to nullify the contract on the grounds that he was underage when he signed it.

The point is, even though we have different ways of parenting, our ultimate goal is really the same. We ALL have common ground. We’re all members of the sisterhood of motherhood. Isn’t it time we started acting like it?  Let’s all step down from our mom-shaming soapboxes and stand together to create a better, more supportive world for our children.