Having a hard time coming up with writing topics? Here are 44 blog post ideas for June to fill up your editorial calendar! Most focus on June-specific national and global holidays. I even wrote the titles for you for many of them!Every month, I sit down and come up with writing topics for Pretty Opinionated. I also work on the editorial calendar for OurFamilyWorld, My Kids Guide and DogVills as part of my editor-in-chief duties. So as you can imagine, I spend a lot of time and do a lot of research coming up with topics. Sometimes I’m left with a ton that just didn’t make the cut. Not because they’re not great ideas, but simply because they either don’t fit the themes for the month or we just ran out of room on the calendar.

I used to hoard ideas, figuring I’d come back to them another time. Then my ideas list got astronomically long and I realized that I’ll always have more writing topics than I can possibly use. I decided that sharing is caring, so here you go! Many of these topics are inspired by the monthly, weekly and daily “holidays” that take place throughout the month. Some are broad enough that many people could feasibly write about them and come up with something new every time. Let me know if you decide to write about any of them (or if you already had some of these ideas on your own calendar) so I can check them out!

44 Writing Topics for June

If the ideas coincidence with a holiday, that holiday is parenthesis next to it. I use Brownielocks.com for all my holiday research. It is my absolute favorite! Also, the numbers in the title can totally be changed. Like, if you have 10 tips instead of 25, or 8 instead of 10 or whatever. I just put them there to make the ideas sound more complete.

20 blog post ideas & writing topics that work all month long

  1. 10 Things You NEED to Know Before You Adopt a Cat (in honor of Adopt-a-Cat Month)
  2. 5 Things No One Tells You About Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s (for Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month)
  3. 8 Books that You’ll LOVE to Have Read to You (Audio Book Appreciation Month)
  4. How We’re Spending Our Summer Vacation
  5. Recipes from my Country Kitchen (Country Cooking month)
  6. 5 Non-Dairy Treats That Don’t Taste Non-Dairy (Dairy Alternative Month)
  7. The Best Milkshake Recipe Ever! (it’s also Dairy Month, coincidence or not?)
  8. Top 10 Books on Our Summer Reading List- I do a lot of summer reading lists, but I like to see YOURS too!
  9. Camping Essentials for Moms Who Can’t Stand Camping (National Camping Month, basically, things that make camping a little less, um, like camping?)
  10. How to Overcome Road Rage, Especially When People Cut You Off (Lane Courtesy Month)
  11. 25 Tips for Staying Cool When You Can’t Get to the Pool
  12. My top five tips for dealing with migraines (Migraine month, and if you write this, PLEASE let me know, because I always need more tips for dealing with mine!)
  13. 5 Best Books for Browsing in the Bathroom (National Bathroom Reading Month)
  14. The Ultimate Thirst-Quenching Iced Tea Recipe (Ice Tea Month, here are my favorite Iced Tea Recipes from other bloggers!)
  15. How to Grow Stunning Roses (National Rose Month, I just buy them from Bouqs because I have a black thumb!)
  16. 5 Things that Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile, Even When You want to Cry (National Smile Month)
  17. A review of your favorite local zoo or aquarium (National Zoo and Aquarium Month)
  18. Natural Ways for Coping with PTSD (National PTSD Month)
  19. Your own infertility story. (Women’s Infertility Month. While I shared a lot about my experiences here, you can read a detailed story of my struggles with infertility on OurFamilyWorld.
  20. 15 Songs for Your Beach Party Play List

Writing Topics for the 1st Week of June 

These topics coincide with a holiday that takes place this week (either all week or on a specific day). Of course, you can always write about them whenever you want, I keep the holiday out of the title because they’re more evergreen that way.

  1. 8 Stylish Hats to Keep the Sun off Your Face (National Sun Safety Week, 1-8th)
  2. Toenail polish DIY tutorial (National Go Barefoot Day, June 1st. Thank goodness I can’t bite my toenails, because at least I have SOMETHING to paint!)
  3. How to Start Running When You’ve Never So Much as Jogged Before (National Running Day)
  4. 10 Popular Delusions I’m Happy to Keep Believing! (Festival of Popular Delusions Day, 5th)
  5. 5 Amazing Hot Air Balloon Festivals to See Before You Die (Hot Air Balloon Day, 5th)
  6. How to Make Your Own Drive-In Movie Theater (Drive In Movie Day, 6th)

Second Week of June Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling (Bed Bug Awareness Week, ewww! 7-13th)
  2. 5 Tips for Caring for Your New Nose (or eyebrow, belly button, etc) Piercing (National Body Piercing Week, 7-13th)
  3. A story, pictures, or things you love about your pet or pets (Pet Appreciation Week, 7-13th)
  4. Superman crafts, favorite Superman movies or quotes (Superman Days, 11-14)
  5. How to Make Your Own Cotton Candy (Cotton Candy Day, 11)
  6. Best Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe Ever (PB Cookie Day, 12)

Third Week Ideas

My son’s 10th birthday happens to fall this week! It’s on Flag Day, the 14th. While I don’t expect you to write about the many ways my kid rocks, you can write about:

  1. The nursing assistant who made a difference in my life (Nursing Assistants Week, 11-18th)
  2. Family tree craft, or tips for tracing your family history (Family History Day, 14)
  3. Duct tape craft (Duct tape days, 19-21, I will be making something for this I think, not sure what yet. I may do a roundup of my favorites, so if you have one and give me permission to link to it and include one photo-also linked back to you- let me know in the comments!)
  4. What’s In My Cruelty-Free Makeup Bag? (Animal Rights Awareness Week, 17-23)
  5. 10 Ways to Anonymously Pay it Forward (World Giving Day, 15th)
  6. A roundup of your favorite nature shots for Nature Photography Day on June 15
  7. 10 Clever Ways to Get Picky Eaters to Eat More Vegatables (Eat Your Vegetables Day, 17)

Last Week of June Ideas

  1. How to Get Over Your Fear of Water Skiing (Water Skiing Days, 27-28)
  2. 80s Flashback: Feeling Pretty Smurfy! (Global Smurfs Day, 22- You could do a makeup tutorial using blue colors, a nail art tutorial, favorite Smurf-themed clothes, etc)
  3. 10 Most Inspirational Beatles Songs (Global Beatles Day, 25)
  4. Faerie-inspired craft, makeup tutorial, favorite fairy tale books (International Fairy Day or Faerie Day, 24)
  5. 5 Tips for Letting it Go and Moving On (Let it Go Day, 23)

So there you go, 44 blog post ideas to get you through June! You can also use these to build up a stock for your freelance writing business, or just to get your brain moving while you work on your next great novel! If you like this, I’ll do it again in July.