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Experience the thrill of all your favorite casino games without ever leaving your couch with DoubleDown Casino

Looking for a fun way to escape your daily routine? How about the chance to experience the thrill of Vegas without the plane ride or the huge blow to your wallet? If you love casino games but don’t exactly want to GO to the casino, DoubleDown Casino  is the perfect game for you.Experience the thrill of all your favorite casino games without ever leaving your couch with DoubleDown Casino

I love slot games. Pulling the reel (or, these days, pushing a button), watching the colorful images spin, waiting to see if it’s going to stop on a winning combo- it’s incredibly exciting. Honestly, though, I’d rather play for virtual chips than my actual hard-earned cash! It keeps the excitement going because there’s no let down when you leave the game.

Head to Vegas without Leaving Your Couch with DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino is an incredibly fun app available on your desktop, Facebook, iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire. Basically, every major platform! That means you can play it pretty much anywhere anytime you need a break. It’s free to play every single day. Plus, you can play every single game right off the bat. No locked content. Repeat that slowly in your head. No. Locked. Content.

Why is that important? That means you can play 50 different slot games from the moment you load up the app. The slots are by far the most popular feature of the app. You can also play in Daily Slot Tournaments, Poker, Game King Video Poker, Bingo, Blackjack and Roulette. Essentially, everything you’d find in Vegas, without ANY risk. It’s the ONLY social casino that offers all that.undefined

When you join as a new player, you’ll get 1 Million Free Chips the moment you sign up. It’s easy to sign up, too. You can do it with Facebook or with your email address, and it just takes a moment before you’re ready to start the fun. Come back every day and spin the daily wheel for a chance to earn more free chips! That reminds me, I have to spin my wheel!

The great part of DoubleDown Casino: you don’t have to be an expert to play. Don’t know the first thing about roulette? No problem! The game will explain the basic rules, then you’re free to just try your luck. Since you’re never playing with real money, you have nothing to lose. If you do win a hand or a big win in a slot pull, you get to see your name on the leader board.

The Ultimate Slot Experience

I have the most fun jumping around on the slot machines. I have a rule: if I don’t win more than I play in 10 spins, I move on to another machine. I won so many chips on the Pharoah’s Fortune game! I hit a bonus round and got super lucky. I think I got like 15 free spins at a 3x multiplier.

Experience the thrill of all your favorite casino games without ever leaving your couch with DoubleDown Casino As you play you’ll earn points toward the next level. When you level up, you’ll get more bonus chips. The first levels come pretty fast. I reached level 3 within about an hour. DDC Level Up

Although I won the most chips on that game, I still moved on to play others. With so many to choose from, I wanted to see what they all had to offer. Some games are old-school slots, like DoubleDiamond. Others are more visually exciting with fun bonus rounds. They even have a Transformers slot game!

Whether you’re planning to lounge on the couch for an hour or two pretending your in Vegas or just need a five-minute break, DoubleDown Casino helps break the monotony of your daily routine. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the excitement and social aspect of casino games without any risk to your budget. Check it out and play now!

What is your favorite DoubleDown Casino Game? Tell me in the comments!

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Experience the Thrill of Vegas from the Comfort of Your Sofa with DoubleDown Casino