Did you know that Freshpet makes dry dog food now, called Freshpet Fresh Baked Recipes? Well, they do, and it is awesome! At least my dogs think so! They got to try out the Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Dog Recipe in exchange for my translation of their honest review and they were just beside themselves with excitement!

Freshpet Fresh Baked Grain Free Fresh Chicken Recipe for Dogs

My dogs love the Freshpet rolls that you find in the refrigerators at the end of pet food aisles (at least, that’s where I always find it). We add it to their kibble to stretch it and give them more variety in their diet. I love that Freshpet uses all-natural high-quality ingredients in their refrigerated food and was really curious to see how that translated to bagged dry food.

Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Dog Recipe

Freshpet Makes Dry Food Now & Dogs Everywhere Do the Dance of Joy

When the food arrived, I opened the bag and took out a handful to see what my dogs thought of it before dinner time came. Maia and Cooper actually thought I was giving them treats! Albeit tiny kibble-sized treats, but still, they stalked me around the house begging for more! Maia was VERY disappointed when I told her she couldn’t have any more until dinner!

Maia is very upset that she has to wait until dinner for more Freshpet Grain Free Chicken recipe!

Tasha, well, she knew it was dog food and not a treat. She’s smart that way. Still, when dinner came around, she ate every last bite, which doesn’t happen often. She’s 14 now, so she’s not as big an eater as she used to be. Finding food that excites her is a challenge. Some days, we jump through hoops to get her to eat! Seriously, the dog gets treats on top of wet food on top of kibble just to convince her that it’s worth trying. With the Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Dog Recipe, she dove right in. THAT alone says a lot to me.

Freshpet Grain free chicken

Cooper, of course, dove in too. In fact, he barely looked up from his bowl until he was done, even though I was taking his picture. My mom came by and wiped off his head to make him more presentable for his photo shoot (he was digging under the deck earlier) and he still didn’t stop eating.

Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Recipe has fresh ingredients that you can actually see in the bowl.

Freshpet Grain Free Fresh Chicken Recipe has fresh ingredients that you can actually see in the bowl. One sign of quality food: they don’t use artificial colors to make it look “pretty.” Your dog doesn’t care what the kibble looks like. Any dog food with colorful kibble is crap, plain and simple. If you see it on the shelf, keep on walking.

The Grain Free Fresh Chicken Dog Recipe is made with 100% FRESH chicken, not chicken by-products, rendered meals or other mystery meats. Freshpet Fresh Baked Recipes also include superfoods like spinach and cranberries. Once they have all the best ingredients together, they cook and bake the food at a lower temperature to retain more of the nutrients. Then they bag it and let you know exactly WHEN it was made with their “freshly made on” date.

Right now, there are three Freshpet Fresh Baked recipes, including the Grain Free Fresh Chicken and two non-grain-free options: Fresh Chicken and Fresh Turkey. They’re currently only sold at Target stores. A $3.5 lb bag starts at 10.99. 11 lb bags at $29.99. Use the store locator to find a location near you! Check out the Freshpet website to learn more about all the recipes and other awesome dog and cat foods they make!

Have your dogs tried Freshpet Fresh Baked yet? What flavor would they love most?