I rarely do Wordless Wednesday posts, mostly because I forget the meme exists. Also because I don’t like the whole idea of being “wordless.” I’m not capable of it! So here’s a sort of Wordless Wednesday post instead! Insanely cute kittens doing cute kitten-like things.

Odd and Zoe, two insanely cute kittens born to an abandoned Mama cat that my boyfriend cared for and took in when she was ready to deliver.

I lied. This isn’t even “sort of Wordless Wednesday.” There’s a story behind these kittens and I have to share it! So here’s how it goes. See this Mama Cat?

Ash was dumped in the freezing cold and left to die alone and scared. My boyfriend kept her alive, then took her in when he realized she was delivering kittens.

Well, one day in the dead cold of winter (coldest on record), some inhumane monster dumped her off at the cottages where my boyfriend lives. Just ditched her. The animal shelters were filled and Sal couldn’t bring her inside because he has a cat of his own, Miss Penelope. See, Penelope doesn’t like other cats. It’s in her paperwork from when he adopted her. She’s supposed to be an only cat.


My mom had built all these little houses for our feral kitties, so I took one over. They were made out of Styrofoam coolers, filled with old fleece blankets and wrapped with more blankets (I think she used UPS blankets), then covered with garbage bags around everything except the opening. They weren’t the prettiest cat houses, but they kept our feral friends alive.  Sal and his neighbors fed Mama cat. No one knew she was pregnant. I thought she was a fat boy cat!

Then one day- April 27th, to be exact- Mama (named Ash by Sal’s son, after the main character in Evil Dead ), freaked the heck out. Sal opened his door and she darted inside. She hid IN the litter box. Sal was pretty sure she was about to have babies and just couldn’t throw her out. So he made her a spot in his closet. She sat down and out came three babies! It’s like she held them in until she had a safe place to deliver.

Odd and Zoe, two insanely cute kittens born to an abandoned Mama cat that my boyfriend cared for and took in when she was ready to deliver.

Of course, I was insanely in love with all of them the moment I saw them. Two boys and a girl. I’m taking the girl. I named her Zoe, and she’ll be ready to come home with me in about another two weeks.

This little guy needs a home! We call him Odd, and he LOVES cuddling! Contact info in the post.

The other two: we’re looking for good homes for them. They’re so sweet. The dark gray boy is such a lovey. He likes to sit on my lap and snuggle. His temporary name is Odd, because he was the “odd man out” when the other two learned to use the litter box. He learned a day later. We call the other boy Stripes, because of his pattern. He loves attacking toes! He was actually stalking me as I was trying to take his picture!

Stripes the Kitten is a total stalker! He needs a furever home with someone who loves to play!

It took six weeks, but Penelope came around. She and Ash actually get along okay. She doesn’t seem to mind the kittens too much and finally stopped hissing and spitting at Ash. Sal decided to keep Ash and he’s going to get her spayed so there are no more surprises, especially now that we know beyond a doubt that she’s an Ashley!

Did you love this not-even-remotely-wordless Wednesday? Are you feeling the kitten-inspired glee yet? I hope these sweet faces brightened your day!