Ready to get your party on this 4th of July and show off your patriotic side in style? Get ready to Party Like a Patriot with Tipsy Elves! The company that became synonymous with the Ugly Christmas Sweater has ventured into other holidays and wants you to know that crazy fun clothes aren’t just for Christmas.

Tipsy Elves 1

I received Tipsy Elves’ new Party Like a Patriot t-shirt in exchange for an honest review. I remember seeing the shirt on both a Beyond the Tank, the Shark Tank spin-off that did an up-close look at how Tipsy Elves did after their deal with Robert (I’m totally on a first-name with him, I’ve watched enough episodes back-t0-back in a binge fest to have bonded with him, even though he hasn’t the foggiest who I am). I absolutely loved the idea when I saw it, so I’m happy to own it now.

Tipsy Elves Helps You Party Like a Patriot

Tipsy Elves 2

First, let’s talk about this awesome shirt and the patriotic merch on Tipsy Elves right now, then we’ll get into what I absolutely LOVE abut their company and story. The Party Like a Patriot shirt isn’t just cheeky and fun, it feels dreamy. I don’t know where they get this magical cotton from, but I’ve never felt a softer t-shirt in my life. I am half-tempted to accuse them of skinning mythical Pegasuses (Pegases? What the heck is the plural?).  If all their stuff feels like this, I’d fill my closet with cheeky clothes and ugly sweaters just to be wrapped in that luxury.

Aside from the uber-cool Party Like a Patriot t-shirt, Tipsy Elves has an ever-changing array of patriotic clothes for guys and girls that let you show off your wild side. I would totally wear this American Flag Onesie…at home in my own bed. Okay, so I’m not THAT adventurous, but dang, it looks comfy!


If onesies aren’t your thing, check out all their other fun American Flag clothing. If you want it in time for the 4th, you’ll have to hurry. Otherwise, shop all summer long at Tipsy Elves, because no one said you can only be patriotic one day a year!

The Tipsy Elves Story

If you watch Shark Tank, chances are you’ve heard of Tipsy Elves. They appeared back in December of 2013 and struck a deal with one of my favorite sharks, Robert Herjavec. Back then, they were pretty much an ugly Christmas sweater company, because of course everyone NEEDS an ugly holiday sweater, right?

Since then, they’ve expanded their catalog to include other holidays, including Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, all while keeping their crazy spirit alive. Speaking of spirit, Tipsy Elves knows that the holidays are a time for giving back, so they have a Sweaters for Sweaters policy. You buy a sweater, a child in need gets a warm hoodie. You can also round up your purchase to help kids in need.

Head over to Tipsy Elves now and check out all their fun summer merchandise or start planning for your Ugly Sweater Party come holiday season!

Have you ever shopped Tipsy Elves? What do you love on their site?