Remember a few months I told you how much I loved my new Mediflow Waterbase pillow? I thought it was pretty much the best thing since pillows were invented. Then they added memory foam. Now, they’re like the undisputed kings of the pillow kingdom! SOOO comfy!

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow You LOVE Now Has Memory Foam! Check it out and get a great night sleep!

I received their newest addition to the Mediflow family about a month ago. I wanted to give it a real good testing, make sure that it held up well over time and kept me comfortable through different temperatures. I feel confident that I’ve put it through a good trial period. So let’s talk about why it rocks the pillow kingdom!

What is the Mediflow Memory Gel Foam Waterbase Pillow?

Back when I received the first Mediflow pillow, I was concerned that the water would be an issue. I thought it would leak, slosh, make me sea sick! Since that pillow resolved my fears, I knew this one wouldn’t cause any of those problems. The section that holds the water is sealed up tight, so even when I forgot I had a water pillow and plopped down on it rather hard, it didn’t ooze a single drop. I wanted to alleviate any worries about that before we move on. The water stays in the pillow, end of story.

Mediflow Memory Foam Pillow Water Insert

Okay, so what makes the Mediflow Memory Gel Foam waterbase pillow different? Obviously, the answer lies in the name: it’s the memory foam. They’ve added a layer of memory gel foam to increase your overall comfort. Actually, it’s more than one layer. The bottom layer is a firmer foam that helps support your neck and allow for a more neutral spine position.

Mediflow Memory Foam Pillow Inside

The reason I waited a month to review the pillow lies in the top layer of the foam. I was worried that when the weather turned, the foam would make me hot. I’ve had other no-name memory foam pillows that made my head feel like it was sitting in a sauna. The Mediflow Memory Gel Foam waterbase pillow is made with a top layer of foam that is “cool gel infused” and ventilated, so air circulates through it. Basically, so it doesn’t cause your head to overheat.

With 90+ degree nights oddly mixed in with 36 degree nights, I’ve had a chance to try it in pretty much every temperature over the last month of freaky weather changes. I can honestly say that no matter what temperature my room reached, the pillow remained comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. Goldilocks would love it.

The bottom layer is the familiar waterbase, which, like the other Waterbase pillows, allows you to control the firmness or softness of your pillow. Add more water for a firmer pillow or take some out to make it lower and softer. As you toss and turn during the night, the water flows to keep your head and neck position stable.

Mediflow Memory Foam Pillow Water Flow

Sleeping on the Mediflow Memory Gel Foam waterbase pillow is an awesome experience. It really does help keep my neck in a better position. I have a pinched nerve and a couple of disks that aren’t where they’re supposed to be. They’re not herniated or bulging, something in between? I can’t remember. The ones in my lower back are herniated, the neck disks aren’t that bad, but whatever comes just before that.

Anyway, if I don’t sleep just right, I wake up with MAJOR migraines. While the Mediflow Memory Gel Foam waterbase pillow doesn’t prevent every migraine (some come from other issues), it does let me wake up without so much neck pain. That itself makes it one of my nighttime best friends. The pillow is on sale for $65.99 on Mediflow’s shop. It’s worth it!

Mediflow Water Pillow - Original Collection, Fiber Pillow. Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Adjustable Water Pillow for Sleeping. (Twin Pack)
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Our Waterbase technology has been clinically proven by an independent Johns Hopkins study to reduce neck pain and improve overall quality of sleep, bringing you the best night's sleep you have ever experienced
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEPING POSITIONS: -If you are a side, back or stomach sleeper or switch in between - the water will move with your head, so you will never have to adjust or fluff this pillow. 200 thread count cotton shell. Machine wash and dry
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR COMFORT: Our Waterbased Pillow can be customized to your liking! Adjust the water level for make your pillow soft, medium, firm or even medium-firm!
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: This pillow is made with a fully sealed and insulated water pouch with resilient Dacron Hollofil fiber layer on top, encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell, providing exceptional comfort for the head.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We stand by our product with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & 3 Year Warranty over manufacturing errors – if you aren't happy within 30 days, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.


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