Washing dishes can either be one of the easiest household chores or a total nightmare. It really all depends on your dishwasher. Years ago, I was the dishwasher! When we moved into this house, I was thrilled that it came with a working unit! No more standing over the sink for an hour scrubbing! Alas, the house also came with cruddy water. Not unsafe, just not good. It’s hard, sulfur well water. We can’t drink it and it tends to make our dishes look less-than-sparkling unless we use really good dishwasher detergent.

Get Sparkling Clean Dishes + Amazing Deals with Finish® Jet Dry® Offers

Finish® is always one of our go-to brands for dishwasher detergent because it cuts through tough grime even with my hard water. Plus it’s a great value. With Jake home all day during the summer, our dishes have like quintupled! I’m going through loads faster than usual, and I’d rather not spend out entire entertainment budget on washing dishes!

Get Your Dishes Sparkling Clean with Finish® Powerball®

Get Sparkling Clean Dishes + Amazing Deals with Finish® Jet Dry® Offers

Okay, I know I’m easily amused, but just look at that Powerball® in the middle there! Isn’t it neat? You can tell that Finish® Max in 1 Powerball® is going to do something special once you close the door.  Finish® Max in 1® Powerball® doesn’t just get your dishes clean, it shines and protects!

Once you close those doors and turn on your dishwasher, Finish® Powerball® goes to work. It’s in there cutting through grease stains and attacking burnt-on food. It’s removing all those coffee stains from my mugs (trust me, that’s a major task alone!). It’s tackling dried-on leftovers from the dishes that I didn’t pre-rinse. Basically, it’s making sure that I never have to rewash my dishes again, thank goodness. Who has time for that? I didn’t even have time to pre-rinse half of them, so I definitely don’t have time to rewash them!

Save on Finish® Products at Walmart

Get Sparkling Clean Dishes + Amazing Deals with Finish® Jet Dry® Offers

You’re already saving time by using Finish®, so how about saving money too? I bought my Finish® Powerball® at Walmart. It’s convenient because I was already there doing grocery shopping. Plus it saves me money. They have a huge selection of all your favorite Finish® products, including Finish® JetDry® for those times when you want a little extra boost to your shine.

Get Sparkling Clean Dishes + Amazing Deals with Finish® Jet Dry® Offers

Plus, when you buy Finish® at Walmart, you can get up to $3.00 in rebates on Ibotta from Finish®! Check them out:

Bonus offer: If you buy any Finish® Detergent (23ct and larger) AND Finish® Jet Dry®, you’ll get an additional $1.00

Let’s do some math. If I had bought the 23-count, I would have spent $4.93 on my purchase of Finish® Powerball® at Walmart. If I saved $1, that would be $3.93. If there are 23 tablets per box, that is $0.18 per dishwasher load (rounded up to the nearest cent). I don’t think I could convince anyone else to wash a load of my dishes for $0.18, do you? My Walmart happened to be out of the 23-count the day I was there so I grabbed the 17-count, but I’m definitely going back for the 23 and taking advantage of this offer!

So you get sparkling clean dishes plus great savings! Works for me! How about you?

Do you have any tips on saving time or money while getting your dishes clean? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Reckitt Benckiser. The opinions and text are all mine.