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Stop self-diagnosing and give yourself peace of mind anytime.  Enroll with Amwell and bring back the house calls!  Don't forget to use your coupon code for a free visit.

Ever wish you lived back in the Little House on the Prairie Days when doctors still made house calls? I sure do. I barely have time to walk down the hill to bring up my garbage before the next trash day, let alone sit in a doctor’s office for hours waiting for an appointment. I have a regular doctor that I see for medical issues, but he has really funky office hours.

I also kind of need a therapist. I suffer from reverse seasonal affective disorder. Or maybe it’s still SAD, just not with the season everyone expects. Summer gets me down. Winter makes me happy. I’ve always been a little different! Unfortunately, I have a really hard time committing to therapy appointments. I used to be better, but I experienced a trauma a little over a year ago. Now I have PTSD and it’s affected me in more ways than you really want to hear. Super duper long story short, I sometimes need someone to talk to who isn’t directly related to me in some way. Enter American Well, better known simply as Amwell.

Amwell is the most popular consumer telehealth app in the world. It’s incredibly easy to register and install the app. I downloaded it on my iPad, but you can also use the desktop site. Once you’ve installed it, you can select from physicians, nutritionists and even therapists. Then you can “visit” with them from the comfort of your own home. They’re all board certified, licensed doctors that are allowed to practice in your state (you choose your state when you sign up).

Stop self-diagnosing and give yourself peace of mind anytime.  Enroll with Amwell and bring back the house calls!  Don't forget to use your coupon code HASHTAGFREE for a free visit.

Once you’re in, you can choose which scope of practice you need: medical, nutrition, or psychology. The medical doctors available to me are all family physicians, which means they’re capable of dealing with a range of minor illnesses. These include things like bronchitis, sinus infections, seasonal allergies, upset stomachs, colds and other things that you’d call in to your doctor about. Obviously, if you’re having a medical emergency, you should go to a hospital.

Amwell Doctors

I like that you can view the doctors before deciding which to go with. Pick a doctor on the left and you’ll see details like how much experience she has, where she went to school and a little bio. I love that you even see pictures. It helps me get a better feel for the person behind the white coat. Yes, you can’t judge a person by a single picture, but still, it helps put me at ease more.

Once you’ve chosen a doctor, you can video chat with them to go over your symptoms. They can even prescribe some types of medications for you, depending on your state. They can’t prescribe things like narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxers or anything else that requires a written prescription, but they can cover just about anything else. You’ll get 10-15 minutes with a doctor, about the same amount of time you’d get in a doctor’s office.

The psychologists work along the same lines as far as video chats go. The only major difference is that they can’t prescribe meds, at least not the ones on my list. Only a psychiatrist can give you medication. Counselors and psychiatrists can’t. Still, I did it just to have someone to talk to for 45 minutes about some of the things that are bothering me. Plus I got to sit on my own couch!


Want to try Amwell yourself? Use the coupon code MOMSLOVEAMWELL to get a free visit with a doctor, nutritionist or therapist. Doctors are online 24/7 and you’ll never need an appointment. It’s like the ultimate walk-in clinic, except you don’t have to drive- or walk- anywhere! Your visits are secure and HIPPA compliant. Visits cost $49, and many insurances cover part or all of the cost.

Amwell Free

Stop self-diagnosing and give yourself peace of mind anytime.  Enroll with Amwell and bring back the house calls!  Don’t forget to use your coupon code for a free visit.

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