This summer must-haves post is brought to you by Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer. All opinions are my own.

Crazy heat wave making you feel a little grumpy? Check out my summer must-haves for beating the heat!

Summer may be half over, but it’s finally just starting to heat up here in my area. In fact, we JUST went to the pool for the first time last week! It hasn’t stopped raining long enough to go before. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone from tolerable to “gee I wish I owned a walk-in freezer” overnight. One day I’m walking around in my long-sleeve jammies happy as a clam. The next, I’m crying that I miss the sub-zero temperatures from the winter.

Heat makes me grouchy. I actually have reverse seasonal affective disorder. Yes, it’s a thing. Most people are sad when it’s dark out too long. I sing and dance during that season. Then I cry when it’s too hot and sunny, walking around like someone stole my puppy. Since I have to function in the heat (I don’t have central AC), I’ve developed tricks and discovered favorite products to help me beat it without going mad. Check out my summer must-haves!

Summer Must-Haves for Beating the Heat

Icy wash cloths: Here’s a trick that my friend taught me when I was like 12: if you can cool down your wrists, your whole body will feel cooler. Since I can’t stand in front of a water faucet all day running my wrists under cold water, wash cloths come in handy. Soak them, freeze them, wrap them around your wrist (secure with a loose sports bandage if needed) and replace when they get hot. Icy wash cloths are also great for the back of your neck. You can get a bundle of cheap ones for less than $5, making this pretty economical!

Well-placed fans: You don’t need AC if you have well-placed inexpensive fans. I have a portable one that goes with me in every room. Since I sit in one spot working all day, I use the overhead ceiling fan along with another fan pointed at the middle of my body. If I point it at my head, I feel like I’m in a wind tunnel and can’t breathe! If your fan is driving you nuts, it’s not aimed at the right spot. Trust me, I live on fans during the summer.

Hot beverages: Did you know that hot drinks signal some sort of nerve receptor in your tongue that in turn tells your brain to start the cooling process in your body? I can only do this when I have the fan, though. Hot coffee outside on a hot day is just too much for me. I don’t trust my brain enough to get the signal before I melt down.

Minty cold showers: I stock up on all the peppermint lotions and shower stuff during the holidays, when they’re all the rage. Then I use them in the summer. Minty shower gels and shampoos feel ah-maz-ing in the hot summer! I also take a cool shower. Not cold. Too cold of a shower actually gives me a headache, but a nice cool to lukewarm shower is just right.

Vaseline 1

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer: This is a new find for me, thanks to this post. I am so madly and passionately in love! One spray and I was hooked. The non-greasy continuous spray formula actually contains micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly and pure Aloe. When you spray it on, your skin instantly feels cooler. I totally almost fell off my porch trying to get this picture!

Vaseline 3

Yes, my friends, I really am THAT pale. I do get sun! I just slather a ton of sunscreen on. Anyway, you have to try this out. Rub it in and it absorbs right away, so you’re not left feeling all gunky. Who wants to feel gunky when they’re already hot? If you spray it on lighter, you don’t even have to rub it in. I went a little overboard there.

Vaseline 2

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray Moisturizer smells fantastic too. Like aloe, I think? I can’t describe scents very well, but it’s a clean scent, not overpowering at all. Oooh! Apply it and stand next to your fan. SOOO cooling! Seriously, madly in love! I had a rough patch on my elbow and it’s completely gone after just a few days. Ready to try it? It retails for $7.99. Head to the Vaseline website to learn more!