Migraines. If you’ve ever had one, you know that word can literally make you sick. Up until my 30s, I only had one in my life and it made me scream. I had headaches all the time. Every single day, actually. I’ve never NOT had a headache. The migraines, though, they didn’t start until a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, they’re making up for lost time.

When Just Waking Up Wrong Triggers a Migraine #migrainerelief

My Migraine Trigger: Waking Up Wrong

I have a migraine at least once a week. I used to get them more often, but I take medicine to help prevent them. My trigger is maybe a little odd (or maybe not, as my friend Adelina mentioned that she has the same trigger). If I wake up “wrong,” I can feel a zap in my head and BAM, migraine. By wrong I mean:

  • Too fast: the phone rings while I’m half in a dream state, snapping me out before my brain has a chance to acclimate
  • Too much information: before I’ve had a chance to get my coffee, someone starts firing questions at me, asking me to do something, telling me bad news
  • Too much stress: this is my own doing. I wake up and suddenly start thinking about everything I have to do that day before I’ve even stepped out of bed.

Any of these things can completely wreck my day because they bring on a massive headache to end all headaches. So now, when I wake up, I have to really focus on slowing my thoughts down and easing myself into the day. Those who know me well know that they can’t start making demands or push my brain before I’ve had a chance to wake up. Still, there are days that I wake up with a migraine. Yet I can’t go back to bed because I’m a single mom, the only one supporting myself and Jacob. I have a job. I have bills to pay. I can’t hide. I have to work through my migraine, one way or another.

Coping with My Migraines

My migraines come in weird cycles. They’re usually three-day events that lead up to a monster event. The first and second day, I can usually back them off with less aggressive measures. The main event, though, requires copious amounts of medication! Then I have to take one medication just to keep down the rest! Even with all that, the headache doesn’t go away until around 6PM. Every time, without fail. It takes about three rounds of medication to knock it out.

Stop Pain Migraine 1

I recently added Stopain Migraine to my migraine-fighting arsenal and it’s made a huge difference. While it didn’t stop the monster migraines in their tracks, it does really help reduce the severity of the opening acts. It also helps take the edge off the major migraine while I wait for medications to start working. When I’m dealing with the monster, that edge is incredibly sharp so I’m grateful for any relief.

Stopain is really easy to use. It comes in convenient pump bottle that you can carry anywhere. The pump gives you metered “doses” so you always apply just the right amount. Check out this video to see how to use it:

As you see, you apply it to the back of your neck and behind each ear, because that’s actually where most migraines begin. Once you put it on, you’ll feel this amazing cooling sensation. That alone is just so perfect for the summer. My migraines seem to triple in numbers in the hot months.

You can use Stopain Migraine at any point during your migraine. It will start to work right away. For my mild to moderate migraines and my regular headaches, I did feel quite a bit of relief pretty fast. In many cases, it dulled my migraine almost to the point of non-existence. You can reapply Stopain Migraine up to four times a day. It’s made from natural ingredients and doesn’t have any known side effects or drug interactions. That said, if you are taking certain prescription medications, I do recommend talking to your doctor first.

Stop Pain Migraine 2

Stopain Migraine doesn’t contain any dyes or preservatives. It’s not irritating to your skin (although you will feel a cool tingle, but that’s the menthol doing its job). It’s also non-allergenic, but again, if you have a skin condition, talk to your doctor.

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Stopain Migraine for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.