As many of you know, my road to conceiving was a bit long and windy. It took six years from the time I started trying until I got that beautiful second line on the pregnancy test. During those years, I learned a lot of tips for both staying healthy AND positive while trying to conceive. Whether you’re just starting your journey or years into it, these tips are for you.

How to Stay Healthy & Positive When Trying To Conceive

10 Tips for Staying Healthy & Positive While Trying to Conceive

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine

1. Think pregnant, eat pregnant: I’m not saying eat for two right away, but start thinking more about what you eat BEFORE you get pregnant. Talk to a nutritionist about your ideal diet and your doctor about starting prenatal vitamins. I learned that lack of certain nutrients- especially protein- can make your journey longer than it has to be.

2. Cut back on caffeine: This was super hard for me, but while I was trying to conceive I had to cut back to a more reasonable amount of coffee every day. This helps get you ready for when you’re pregnant and REALLY have to cut back! While the verdict is still out, some studies indicate that your fertility may be linked to your caffeine consumption. Other studies say it’s not. If you’re trying for a while, though, it’s worth a shot to cut back.

3. Get to know your body: Successful conception depends quite a bit on timing. You only have about a three-day window every month. Get to know the signs of ovulation, such as tenderness, twinges in your lower abdomen and your cervical mucus. Of course, you can totally OPK it (use ovulation predictor kits), but if you have an idea of your own timing, you’ll spend a lot less on those little sticks!

4. Ditch unhealthy habits now: Smoking, drinking too much and not getting enough sleep can all impact your chances of conceiving. Ditch the unhealthy habits now and you’ll have less to give up when you succeed in getting pregnant.

5. Exercise smarter, not harder: While exercising helps you stay in shape and maintain a healthier weight- both of which are great for TTC- too much strenuous exercise can actually throw off your menstrual cycle.

6. Don’t obsess: So much easier said than done, but you can’t let thoughts of TTC overwhelm your every waking moment. In fact, even with the above tips, consider them healthy lifestyle changes versus TTC changes.

7. Talk to a “sounding board” friend: While you may not want to tell everyone you know that you are trying, it’s great to have one good impartial friend who will let you vent or talk about your efforts without giving you platitudes or unwanted advice. A sounding board friend!

8. Let yourself grieve when it doesn’t happen right away: If you’ve been trying for a while and another month goes by without success, it’s okay to grieve. Every month is a new month to get your hopes up, and when those hopes don’t work out, it’s a very real feeling of loss. Give yourself permission to feel however you want to feel.

9. Cut back on your stress: Another “easier said” tip, but it’s totally necessary. Stress increases the amount of certain hormones in your body, which can interfere with fertility. While you can’t cut out all stress (if you can, tell me how!), ditch the stressors that you don’t actually need. Say “no” more often so you don’t get overwhelmed, avoid that toxic friend who never has anything positive to say. We all have things we can cut out of our lives to reduce our stress.

10. Don’t turn sex into a clinical affair: When you’re going off OPKs and charts to decide when to have sex, it can totally ruin the mood. While these are great tools, if you get a positive OPK, it doesn’t mean you only have 20 minutes to “get it done.” Take the time to make it an intimate moment, even if it is a totally planned one. If you’re not “feeling” it, it’s okay to get a little outside help. Astroglide TTC can help you “smooth” things out while you’re getting in your groove.

10 Tips for Staying Healthy & Positive While Trying to Conceive

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Trying to conceive should be pleasurable, at least until you reach the point where you need medical intervention. Even then, doctors often recommend having sex for fun either before or after a procedure (depending on the procedure, please talk to your fertility specialist about that first).

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One final word: I’m not going to tell you to “just relax,” because I would have thrown something at anyone who said that to me on my journey. I am going to tell you, though, to TRY to relax a little! It can do wonders for you, your relationship and your TTC efforts.

Do you have any advice to offer to women who are trying to conceive? Share in the comments!

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine