I have a major weakness when it comes to makeup. I’m talking drawers and bags and stashes that I didn’t even remember I had weakness. Ever since my aunt first taught me how to put on lipstick and mascara way back when I was a teenager, I’ve been a goner. I’ve gone through just about every makeup stage, from the bright blues of the 80s to the goth girl look in the 90s.

Fruit-Pigmented Makeup That's Fun to Wear with 100% Pure Makeup

Even today, I alter looks depending on my moods. One day I’m sparkly and bright, the next more subdued and natural. Makeup is just such a fun way to express yourself. One thing I’ve been looking for lately, though, regardless of the color and style, is makeup that’s made from more natural ingredients, like 100% Pure.

100% Pure Makeup: Natural Beauty from Natural Sources

I received a fabulous assortment of 100% Pure makeup for review, and I am so happy to tell you about it! First, though, let me explain a bit about the makeup. 100% Pure is exactly what it sounds like, pure and natural beauty products. The makeup that I received is all colored by fruits. I think that is so cool.

Fruit-Pigmented Makeup That's Fun to Wear with 100% Pure Makeup

My favorite 100% Pure product so far is the Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation. This stuff goes on like a dream! It’s made with ingredients like Avocado Butter Oil and Pomegranate, so it feels super good on your skin. I love it because it gives me full coverage without feeling caked on. I spread an even layer across my face, then double up a bit on the problem spots. It makes a perfect base for what comes next.

Fruit-Pigmented Makeup That's Fun to Wear with 100% Pure Makeup

I follow up the foundation with Fruit Pigmented Lumizer, a beautiful shade of deep pink blush colored with strawberries, raspberries, cherries and other fruits. Like the foundation, you can achieve a deeper color by sweeping more on your face, or go for a barely-there look with a light sweep. It melds well with the foundation. I’ve also used it without for that slightly sunburned shade (except, of course, without the skin damage) that makes you look like you came from the beach.

Pure Makeup 4

100% Pure also has this awesome product that I’ve never heard of, called Luminous Cream. I’ll admit, I had to look up this one at first. I thought it was an odd-colored lip gloss, then I thought maybe it was a cream eyeshadow. Turns out it’s pretty much whatever you want. You put a dab on your contour spots, like upper cheekbones, brow bone, etc. Then rub it in for a super pretty glow.

Pure Makeup Lipstick 2

Finally, finish it off with absolutely stunning lipstick that gives your pout a “kissed by berries” look. I tried out one of the Lip Glazes and one of the Anti-Aging Lipsticks. My favorite is the glaze because it goes on super smooth and lasts a long time. It looks a lot like a stain, except it doesn’t feel drying like lip stains tend to feel.

Pure Makeup Lipstick 1

The Anti-Aging Lipstick also feels really fantastic. Shea Butter is the first ingredient, so you know it’s going to feel luxurious. My favorite thing about this lipstick is that you can really control the color based on how much you apply. You can also make it more matte simply by blotting with tissue.

Pure Makeup Mascara

Finally, I finish off with Blackberry Mascara, which actually smells like blackberries! The color is a deep purple that actually looks closer to black. It’s not a harsh black though. While this mascara isn’t going to super-plump your lashes, it does give great definition. Even better, it stays put until you take it off, then it comes off easily with regular eye makeup remover.

I am totally in love with all my 100% Pure Makeup. I love that I know I’m not putting synthetic bunny-tested chemicals on my face. If you think about it, women have been using fruit pigmented makeup for thousands of years! Check out all they have to offer on the 100% Pure website. Make sure you scroll through the featured slider on the home page. Right now, they have 20% off all vanilla products,  20% off a bunch of different back to school products, and free shipping on all orders. Follow 100% Pure on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and sales.