Wouldn’t it be super spectacular if you could buy ONE thing and pretty much be done with back to school supply shopping? Imagine, no running from store to store to get the best deals on pencils, crayons, sharpeners, pencil boxes, etc, etc, OMG etc. Just thinking about it makes me sweaty! So when Blum Gear asked if I wanted to review one of their school gear kits for Jacob, I pictured the hours (and gas money) I would save and said “oh yes!” Then they said I could give FOUR of you a kit of your own. Double yes!

Blum School Gear 1

Why Blum? Because it’s One and Done

Blum Gear is a “one and done” solution. It’s a super cute and stylish kit that has pretty much everything on your child’s school supply list. Their kits for grades ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade and come with all the core supplies. They actually polled like a zillion teachers or something to find out what your kids need. Okay, not a zillion, but they really did their research.

Blum School Gear 2

Although Jacob is going into 5th grade, his district still considers that elementary school. I ended up getting him the K-4 kit because it had all the basics on Jake’s list: crayons, pencils, erasers, sharpener, and so on. Plus it had stuff that wasn’t on his list, like markers and a ruler. Things I know will come in handy with projects throughout the year. Things teachers spring on you LATER, after all the school supplies are gone from stores. 41 things in all!  Plus everything comes in a fun little case that’s cool enough for a 10-year-old.

All that was left on my list was a backpack, binder, notebooks and folders. Well, plus clothes, but I’ve been working on that all summer long. Other kits come with different supplies, depending on the grade. Some even have a handy dry-erase board. The kits for older kids come in several different more “grown up” colors, like pink, green, blue and black.

Blum School Gear ScreenShot

Maybe you’re wondering about the quality of the stuff inside? I know I worry about that. There are pencils, then there are pencils, know what I mean? Markers, and markers. It’s not enough to send our kids off stocked up with their supplies, we want to know that the pencil isn’t going to snap the first time they get stressed during a test and tense their little hands. We want their crayons to color the pages vividly without them pressing through to the center of the earth.

I tested out the Blum pencils a bit, mostly because when I opened up that box of graphites, I liked the way they felt! They’re quality pencils, I can tell you that much. I didn’t color with the crayons because they’re not my crayons. Jacob likes things to be new when he goes to school, so I don’t mess around too much with his school supplies. Even though I REALLY want to. That’s like the best part of back to school, playing with the new stuff. He’d let me if I asked, but he puts up with enough as a blogger’s kid. I let him have his school supplies in tact. The pencils, though? REALLY nice. I may steal one. Just one. He won’t notice!

Blum is pretty great because they’re a family-owned company. They started out making fabulous gum erasers, then expanded. They really care about quality, but they also care about making sure you can afford quality supplies. They keep their prices reasonable and offer a variety of kits as well as individual items.

Check out Blum’s website to see all their great back to school supply kits. Then get them at Staples or Amazon. Your school spirit store may also have them for sale, just ask.  If not, be a hero and recommend them!