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With a summer full of rainy days, you have to grab every chance you can to get out there and have BBQ! I kid you not, it rained for about five weeks straight every weekend! Even the days that the weather promised to be sunny, it rained!

When the weather broke, it broke hard! We went from bundling up in sweatshirts to “are you kidding me?” hot literally over night! Sal and I took the kids to his parent’s community pool practically every weekend to cool off! After, we grilled out at the little grills they have there. Easy Cheesy Hot Dogs in a Dash With Bar-S When you’re feeding five people with extremely different tastes, hot dogs are a great place to start. My son and his daughter prefer plain, although I did get Jake to taste my “cheesy dog” creation below (ask your kid to help you shoot a video and they’re more likely to want to try what they’re holding, fun tip for parents of picky kids!). Me? I’m a purist- ketchup and mustard, although I’ll try cheese on just about anything! Sal is adventurous and his son his a lot like him.

I always grab Bar-S Hot Dogs because they have a premium tastes at a great price, which is a huge help when you’re feeding five on a budget. No wonder they’re the #1 selling Franks in the United States! They come in a fantastic variety, too, including Classic, Classic Jumbo, Bun Length and Cheese Jumbo. They even have a line of Premium Beef Franks. All of them are fantastic on the grill! Easy Cheesy Hot Dogs in a Dash With Bar-SNow, you can go the purist route and enjoy your hot dogs with the basics. Or you can get creative. I’ll admit, I’m not the most creative when it comes to hot dog recipes. I thought I was, then I saw what some others were doing on Bar-S Facebook Page for the Cartin’ Round the Country campaign. Wow! People really know how to go all out with their hot dogs! The campaign features different regional frank renditions from all around the country, so be sure to check it out!

Easy Cheesy Hot Dogs in a Dash

Easy Cheesy Hot Dogs in a Dash With Bar-S Since we have very little warning these days about nice weather because out forecast seems to change at the drop of a hat, we were kind of in a hurry to get prepared to take advantage of the nice day. Can you believe we forgot paper plates? We remembered napkins and paper towels, but no paper plates! Ugh! Fortunately, hot dogs are easy to eat on the go without a plate, even if you load them up with stuff! Check out my video to see how to make these super easy cheesy hot dogs!

If you missed the details, basically you grill your hot dog and spread a layer of spicy cheese sauce over the top of it. You can also add things like Jalapenos for more heat or red peppers for a bit of crunch.

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How do you eat your hot dogs? Tell me in the comments!

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