This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina at Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dealing with a finicky pooch who snubs his food? Just want to add a little more excitement to dinner? Alpo Meal Helpers, available at Dollar General, are a great solution! Today I’m sharing my dog’s reactions to their first sampling experience, plus I’ll tell you how you can win your own Alpo Prize Pack with a $100 Dollar General Gift Card! Get Your Finicky Dog Digging In With Purina #AlpoMealHelpers If you ever looked at my dog Cooper, you wouldn’t think he’s exactly finicky about food. He eats trash, for crying out loud! He’s not exactly a svelte beast, either. He has food issues stemming from puppyhood, when he spent his first six months in a tiny cage with ten other puppies. He had to grab whatever scraps were thrown his way, and fast. The vet said he’d never outgrow that sense of desperation, so he grabs whatever he can find. This has led to his life of crime, at least when it comes to my son’s food.

When it comes to his own food, though, he’s suddenly developed discerning taste buds. The boy snubs his breakfast! I do mean “snubs,” too. He sniffs, gives us a look that says “seriously?” and struts away. He’s not the only one. Maia and Tasha are older. They’ve never had food security issues. We got them when they were 8 weeks old. At 14, though, they’re slowing down quite a bit and not always interested in their breakfast. We’ve been adding “stuff” to their food to make it more appealing. I often worry that we’re adding too much, though. A whole can of food on top of a whole serving of kibble can’t be appropriate.

Get Your Dogs Digging In With Alpo Meal Helpers

Alpo Meal Helpers 2 Alpo Meal Helpers are tasty, soft little nuggets that you add to your dog’s regular food to give them a little variety and excitement. Each box comes with 4 individual 4oz. packages. Add as little or as much as you want. No mess, no fuss. It comes in two flavors: Roast Beef & Chicken and Porterhouse & Prime Rib. I bought one of each and tried the Roast Beef & Chicken first.

Since the lighting is bad in my house right now (kitchen light blew, not the bulb but the magical thing that makes the whole long bulb stay lit), I took Coop out to dine al fresco. He’s my best sport about being a blog dog. I kid you not, if I try to take pictures of the other dogs, he barks and photobombs them because it’s time for HIS closeup! Get Your Finicky Dog Digging In With Purina #AlpoMealHelpers Fortunately, even though Coop has food stealing issues, he’s never been a growler or a guarder, so he lets me get close up, where the action is. He didn’t take his face out of the bowl at all! Check out that slurping action: Get Your Finicky Dog Digging In With Purina #AlpoMealHelpers When he was done, this is all he left behind. Alpo Meal Helpers 6   The only reason he left that behind is because we were outside. The kitten was crying inside  (she has separation anxiety when any human leaves the house), his matching “cow” cat came snooping and there was just a lot going on. Back inside, Maia and Tasha were both eating up their num-nums. They eat a little slower, but they were still digging in and enjoying their Alpo Meal Helper!

New Alpo Meal Helper is available at your local Dollar General. Check out all the other great Dollar General Alpo Products! Want to win an amazing Alpo Prize Pack with a coupon for a free Alpo Meal Helper & Alpo biscuits, plus a $100 Dollar General gift card? Share a photo on Instagram of your dog enjoying Alpo Meal Helper & challenge your friends to do the same! Just make sure you use the #alpomealhelpers hashtag. The photo with the most shares wins!

Which flavor do you think your dogs would enjoy most? Tell me in the comments

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