Between sweet sixteens, graduations, baby showers and random birthdays, the summer and fall is filled with major events for the people I love. I’m always looking for a special gift, something unique that I can’t find on the shelf in a store or in a mass-produced catalog, to go along with whatever else I’m giving. Something that says “I thought of you when I saw this,” rather than “I couldn’t think of anything for you, so I got this.” I’m not knocking gift cards, cash or insanely cool gadgets, I just think sometimes a little something extra can mean a whole lot. That’s what attracted me to Simpli Stamped.

Simply Beautiful Gifts from the Heart from Simpli Stamped

Simply Beautiful Gifts that Make Anyone Feel Special From Simpli Stamped

When Amber, the talent behind Simpli Stamped, offered me a piece for review, I had such a difficult time choosing. I poured over her website, opening tab after tab of pieces that I adored, before choosing the Teeny Tag Lotus Necklace. There was just something about its simple beauty. I read the description and learned that the Lotus symbolizes rebirth, life, strength, good luck and purity. It was a perfect fit for what I need right now in my life.


Simply Beautiful Gifts that Make Anyone Feel Special From Simpli Stamped: Teeny Tag Lotus

The photo above is from Simply Stamped’s website. I tried to get a good picture and my skills just didn’t show off the beauty. I didn’t want to give the wrong impression, so forgive me for not including my own picture. The super cute box above, though, I took that picture. I absolutely love it! It’s almost as pretty as what it holds!

The Teeny Tag is teeny, just about 1/2 inch long. The chain is a generous 18 inches, though, and you can easily adjust it. To me, it’s a special piece meant to remind me that beauty can bloom from the murkiest waters. A very personal piece that I can wear with anything. If you prefer something that stands out more, Amber makes numerous other gorgeous pieces that will fit just about any personality. Check out a few of my favorites:

Simpli Stamped Custom Family Tree Branch Necklace

Custom Family Tree Branch necklace, stamped with the names of your family members. You could do this with you and your partner’s names plus your kids, or just your kids. Really, you can put any names on there, so it could be a best friend’s necklace, your pets (I’d need a whole forest) or whatever you want!

simpli stamped lotus_birthstone_necklace

Lotus Birthstone Necklace: This was my other favorite and one that I was really considering. The silver lotus comes with one birthstone. Additional stones are just $5.

Simpli Stamped words_of_love_necklace_open

Word of Love Necklace: A beautiful gift for the love of your life, it’s stamped with the words: love madly, passionately, fully, and true.

Simpli Stamped Beloved Ring


Hand Forged Sterling Silver Ring: The example ring shows a heart on the outside and the word “beloved” inside. You can customize this with your own message. The entire ring is handmade, so they are true-to-size.



Amor Vinicit Omnia Cuff Bracelet: It means “Love Conquers All. A perfect gift for anyone who needs a reminder of that.

Simpli Stamped: Gifts that Give Back

Amber doesn’t just create beautiful jewelry, she has a beautiful spirit as well. She is deeply committed to giving back through her work. Her goal is to find a charity each quarter and work with them to create a piece of jewelry (or an accessory), then donate 50% of the proceed from that piece to the charity. She just added Guitars for Glory to her list.

She’s created pieces for Living Water International and Love 146 as well. She makes it easy to give back while also giving someone else in your life a meaningful gift. Everything about Simpli Stamped exudes joy, peace, happiness and love. Amber clearly has passion for her art and she puts that passion into her pieces so that you can feel special wearing them. Visit Simpli Stamped to see all her beautiful pieces, explore Amber’s story and learn more about the shop. Follow Simpli Stamped on Instagram to keep up with all the latest designs. Check it out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news.

Which piece from Simpli Stamped do you love most? Tell me in the comments