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It’s National Simplify Your Life Week and I’m in the middle of a panic attack. I’ve completely over-scheduled my life to the point that I literally don’t have time to breathe. As I stood in the middle of my kitchen totally freaking out, my mom said “make a list.” I have a list. I have many lists. Once I remembered to breathe, though, I thought maybe I could break that list into smaller items. Rather than writing “run errands,” I can make each errand an item. Then I can feel like I’m checking more things off my list. Yes, it makes it longer, but it also makes it simpler to get through. Smaller steps. You can’t climb a mountain in a single leap, right?

Small Steps to Help the Environment

Scott Tube Free Package The same concept works for helping the environment. When you simplify your life, you’re also simplifying your impact on the world around you. If we think in terms of giant leaps, we can easily get overwhelmed. Setting a goal to clean out the entire garage and purge a lifetime of memories in one afternoon can send you flying to the bathroom to curl up in a ball crying. So let’s look at small steps that we can actually do to simplify your life and help the environment.

  • Go paperless: Many utilities, banks and credit card companies offer you the option to get paperless statements and bills. Take that option. That way you have one less piece of paper to file, shred or clog up your life. Besides, if you’re like me, you’re more likely to see email reminders anyway.
  • Get crafty: Repurposing crafts are all the rage right now. If you search, you can find tutorials on how to make something new out of just about everything you own. Turn something you don’t need into something you do need. All those old baby clothes that you just can’t part with can become a quilt (if you’re crafty, I’m not). Make art smocks out of bed sheets that have seen better days. You can even turn old tires into furniture, apparently.
  • Take time, don’t make time: As a single mom who works up to 15 hours a day sometimes, it drives me nuts when people who clearly have a lot of time on their hands tell me to do all these huge tasks, like spend the day picking up garbage on the side of the road. It makes me feel like I can’t have an impact unless I’m all in. What you can do, though, is take the time you do have and use it to better your life and the world. If you’re already changing a lightbulb or shopping for a new appliance, make it energy-efficient. If you’re at the grocery store shopping, look for foods with less packaging. If you’re running errands, set up your route to use less gas.

Scott Tube Free on Spindle

  • Ditch the tube: Did you know that over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are used each year in the US? You could fill the entire Empire State Building twice with those! Ditch the tube with Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue. It has all the premium softness you expect out of Scott, without the wasteful cardboard tube. Every single part of the T-P is usable, right down to the very last sheet. When it’s done, it’s done. No cardboard tube to throw away.

Scott Tube Free Pulling I wanted to see how many of those 17 billion toilet paper rolls belonged to me, so I used the handy calculator on Scott Tube-Free. My household’s estimated lifetime usage is 15,575 rolls. That’s enough to make a piano!Scott Tube-Free Ditching the cardboard core with Scott Tube-Free is one of the simplest steps for helping the environment because it not only requires no extra work from you, but it also saves you the step of removing the cardboard roll when the paper runs out. Hey, those few seconds of work can really add up over a lifetime!  Scott Tube Free Roll Check out the Scott Man on the Street video  to learn more. Find Scott Tube-Free at Walmart Nationwide or use the Local Retailer Locator to find it near you. I found it in several stores in my area, including Kmart, BJs and Shop-Rite! Grab yourself a Scott Coupon before you head to the store!

What small steps do you take to simplify your life and the environment? Tell me in the comments!

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